UGent - Thierry Marchant

Thierry Marchant.

Affiliation :

Professor at Ghent University from February 2000, in the department of data analysis.

Former positions :

Visitor at the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi from February to July 2009.

Visitor at the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, University of California, Irvine from September 98 until July 99.

Teaching assistant at the Service de Mathématiques de la Gestion, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels), 1991-1999.

Product manager and account manager, G.I.B., 1990.

Research :

I often collaborate with Denis Bouyssou, Patrice Perny, Marc Pirlot, Alexis Tsoukias and Philippe Vincke. We have a joint web page.

Books :

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Address :

Ghent University
Department of Data analysis
H. Dunantlaan 2
B-9000 Ghent

Tel. +32+9 - 264 63 73
Fax. +32+9 - 264 64 87

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