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  • Modeling brain dynamics in brain tumor patients using The Virtual Brain
    H. Aerts, M. Schirner, B. Jeurissen, D. Van Roost, E. Achten, P. Ritter, D. Marinazzo

  • Hemodynamic response function (HRF) variability confounds resting-state fMRI functional connectivity
    D. Rangaprakash, G. Wu, D. Marinazzo, X. Hu, G. Deshpande

  • Dilution of Ferromagnets via a Random Graph-based Strategy
    M.A. Javarone, D. Marinazzo

  • Parameterized hemodynamic response function data of healthy individuals obtained from resting-state functional MRI in a 7T MRI scanner
    D. Rangaprakash, G. Wu, D. Marinazzo, X. Hu, G. Deshpande

  • Evolutionary Dynamics of Group Formation
    M.A. Javarone, D. Marinazzo

  • On the interpretability and computational reliability of frequency-domain Granger causality
    L. Faes, S. Stramaglia, D. Marinazzo

  • Multiscale Granger causality
    L. Faes, G. Nollo, S. Stramaglia, D. Marinazzo

  • Multifaceted brain networks reconfiguration in disorders of consciousness uncovered by co-activation patterns
    C. Di Perri, E. Amico, L. Heine, J. Annen, C. Martial, S. Larroque, A. Soddu, D. Marinazzo, S. Laureys

  • Multiscale Information Decomposition: Exact Computation for Multivariate Gaussian Processes
    L. Faes, D. Marinazzo, S. Stramaglia

  • Consensus clustering approach to group brain connectivity matrices
    J. Rasero, M. Pellicoro, L. Angelini, J.M. Cortes, D. Marinazzo, S. Stramaglia

  • Visibility graphs for fMRI data: multiplex temporal graphs and their modulations across resting state networks
    S. Sannino, S. Stramaglia, L. Lacasa, D. Marinazzo

  • Ising Model with conserved magnetization on the Human Connectome: implications on the relation structure-function in wakefulness and anesthesia
    S. Stramaglia, M. Pellicoro, L. Angelini, E. Amico, H. Aerts, J. Cortes, S. Laureys, D. Marinazzo

  • Enhanced pre-frontal functional-structural networks to support postural control deficits after traumatic brain injury in a pediatric population
    I. Diez, D. Drijkroningen, S. Stramaglia, P. Bonifazi, D. Marinazzo, J. Gooijers, S. Swinnen, J. Cortes

  • Mapping the functional connectome traits of levels of consciousness
    E. Amico, D. Marinazzo, C. Di Perri, L. Heine, J. Annen, C. Martial, M. Dezmidzic, M. Kirsch, V. Bonhomme, S. Laureys, J. Goñi

  • Tracking dynamic interactions between structural and functional connectivity: a TMS/EEG-dMRI study
    E. Amico, O. Bodart, O. Gosseries, L. Heine, M. Rosanova, P. Van Mierlo, C. Martial, M. Massimini, D. Marinazzo, S. Laureys

  • Critical comments on EEG sensor space dynamical connectivity analysis
    F. van de Steen, L. Faes, E. Karahan, J. Songsiri, P. Valdes Sosa, D. Marinazzo

  • Brain networks under attack: robustness properties and the impact of lesions
    H. Aerts, W. Fias, K. Caeyenberghs, D. Marinazzo

  • Dynamic causal modelling of seizure activity in a rat model
    M. Papadopoulou, G. Cooray, R. Rosch, R. Moran, D. Marinazzo, K. Friston

  • Synergetic and redundant information flow detected by unnormalized Granger causality: application to resting state fMRI
    S. Stramaglia, L. Angelini, G. Wu, J. Cortes, L. Faes, D. Marinazzo

  • An Information-Theoretic Framework to Map the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of the Scalp Electroencephalogram
    L. Faes, D. Marinazzo, G. Nollo, A. Porta

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation Applied with a Rapid Cycle Has More Profound Influence on Hippocampal Electrophysiology Than a Standard Cycle
    L.E. Larsen, W.J. Wadman, D. Marinazzo, P. van Mierlo, J. Delbeke, S. Daelemans, M. Sprengers, L. Thyrion, W. van Lysebettens, E. Carrette, P. Boon, K. Vonck, R. Raedt

  • Sensitivity of the resting state hemodynamic response function estimation to autonomic nervous system fluctuations
    G. Wu, D. Marinazzo

  • Predictability decomposition detects the impairment of brain-heart dynamical networks during sleep disorders and their recovery with treatment
    L. Faes, D. Marinazzo, S. Stramaglia, F. Jurysta, A. Porta, G. Nollo

  • Functional Connectivity of EEG Signals Under Laser Stimulation in Migraine
    M. de Tommaso, G. Trotta, E. Vecchio, K. Ricci, F. Van de Steen, A. Montemurno, M. Lorenzo, D. Marinazzo, R. Bellotti, S. Stramaglia

  • Accelerated HF-rTMS protocol has a rate-dependent effect on dACC activation in alcohol-dependent patients: an open-label feasibility study
    S. Herremans, R. De Raedt, P. Van Schuerbeek, D. Marinazzo, F. Matthys, J. De Mey, C. Baeken

  • Identification of redundant and synergetic circuits in triplets of electrophysiological data
    A. Erramuzpe, G. Ortega, J. Pastor, R. de Sola, D. Marinazzo, S. Stramaglia, J. Cortes

  • Estimating directed connectivity from cortical recordings and reconstructed sources
    M. Papadopoulou, K. Friston, D. Marinazzo

  • Neural networks with non-uniform embedding and explicit validation phase to assess Granger causality
    A. Montalto, S. Stramaglia, L. Faes, G. Tessitore, R. Prevete, D. Marinazzo

  • Lagged and instantaneous dynamical influences related to brain structural connectivity
    C. Alonso, I. Diez, L. Remaki, I. Escudero, B. Mateos, Y. Rosseel, D. Marinazzo, S. Stramaglia, J. Cortes

  • Information flow between resting state networks
    I. Diez, E. Erramuzpe, I. Escudero, B. Mateos, A. Cabrera, D. Marinazzo, E. Sanz-Arigita, S. Stramaglia, J. Cortes

  • Cardiorespiratory Information Dynamics during Mental Arithmetic and Sustained Attention
    D. Widjaja, A. Montalto, E. Vlemincx, D. Marinazzo, S. Van Huffel, L. Faes

  • Linear and non-linear brain-heart and brain-brain interactions during sleep
    L. Faes, D. Marinazzo, F. Jurysta, G. Nollo

  • Interictal cardiorespiratory variability in temporal lobe and absence epilepsy in childhood
    C. Varon, A. Montalto, K. Jansen, L. Lagae, D. Marinazzo, L. Faes, S. Van Huffel

  • Estimating the decomposition of predictive information in multivariate systems
    L. Faes, D. Kugiumtzis, G. Nollo, F. Jurysta and D. Marinazzo

  • The impact of accelerated HF-rTMS on the subgenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex in refractory unipolar major depression: insights from 18FDG PET brain imaging
    C. Baeken, D. Marinazzo, H. Everaert, G. Wu, C. Vanhove, K. Audenaert, I. Goethals, F. De Vos, K. Peremans, R. De Raedt

  • Resting-state functional connectivity of the sensorimotor network in individuals with non-specific low back pain and the association with the sit-to-stand-to-sit task
    M. Pijnenburg, S. Brumagne, K. Caeyenberghs, L. Janssens, D. Marinazzo, S. Swinnen, K. Claeys, N. Goossens, R. Siugzdaite

  • Tracking slow modulations in synaptic gain using Dynamic Causal Modelling: validation in epilepsy
    M. Papadopoulou, M. Leite, P. Van Mierlo, K. Vonck, L. Lemieux, K.J. Friston, D. Marinazzo

  • Editorial for the Research Topic: Information-based methods for neuroimaging: analyzing structure, function and dynamics
    J.M. Cortes, D. Marinazzo, M.A. Muñoz

  • Interictal cardiorespiratory variability in temporal lobe and absence epilepsy in childhood
    C. Varon, A. Montalto, K. Jansen, L. Lagae, D. Marinazzo, L. Faes, S. Van Huffel

  • Information dynamics of brain-heart physiological networks during sleep
    L. Faes, G. Nollo, F. Jurysta, D. Marinazzo

  • Functional connectivity density and balance in young patients with traumatic axonal injury
    K. Caeyenberghs, R. Siugzdaite, D. Drijkoningen, D. Marinazzo, S. Swinnen

  • Point-process deconvolution of fMRI BOLD signal reveals effective connectivity alterations in chronic pain patients
    G. Wu, D. Marinazzo

  • MuTE: a MATLAB toolbox to compare established and novel estimators of the multivariate transfer entropy
    A. Montalto, L. Faes, D. Marinazzo

  • Synergy and redundancy in the Granger causal analysis of dynamical networks
    S. Stramaglia, J.M. Cortes, D. Marinazzo

  • Functional Brain Connectivity from EEG in Epilepsy: Seizure Prediction and Epileptogenic Focus Localization
    P. Van Mierlo, M. Papadopoulou, E. Carrette, P. Boon, S. Vandenberghe, K. Vonck, D. Marinazzo

  • Posterior cingulate cortex-related co-activation patterns: a resting state fMRI study in propofol-induced loss of consciousness
    E. Amico, F. Gomez, C. Di Perri, A. Vanhaudenhuyse, D. Lesenfants, P. Boveroux, V. Bonhomme, J.-F. Brichant, D. Marinazzo, S. Laureys

  • COMT Val158Met genotypes differentially influence subgenual cingulate functional connectivity in healthy females
    C. Baeken, D. Marinazzo, G. Wu, S. Claes, P. Van Schuerbeek, J. De Mey, R. Luypaert, R. De Raedt

  • Lag-specific Transfer Entropy as a Tool to Assess Cardiovascular and Cardiorespiratory Information Transfer
    L. Faes, D. Marinazzo, A. Montalto, G. Nollo

  • The Touch and Zap Method for In Vivo Whole-Cell Patch Recording of Intrinsic and Visual Responses of Cortical Neurons and Glial Cells
    A. Schramm, D. Marinazzo, T. Gener, L.J. Graham

  • Left and Right Amygdala - Mediofrontal Cortical Functional Connectivity Is Differentially Modulated by Harm Avoidance
    C. Baeken, D. Marinazzo, P. Van Schuerbeek, G. Wu, J. De Mey, R. Luypaert, R. De Raedt

  • Information Transfer and Criticality in the Ising Model on the Human Connectome
    D. Marinazzo, M. Pellicoro, G. Wu, L.Angelini, J.M. Cortes, S. Stramaglia

  • Altered processing of sensory stimuli in patients with migraine
    M. de Tommaso, A. Ambrosini, F. Brighina, G. Coppola, A. Perrotta, F. Pierelli, G. Sandrini, M. Valeriani, D. Marinazzo, S. Stramaglia, J. Schoenen

  • Directed Information Transfer in scalp electroencephalographic recordings: insights on disorders of consciousness
    D. Marinazzo, O. Gosseries, M. Boly, D. Ledoux, M. Rosanova, M. Massimini, Q. Noirhomme, S. Laureys

  • Accelerated HF-rTMS in treatment-resistant unipolar depression: insights from subgenual anterior cingulate functional connectivity
    C. Baeken, D. Marinazzo, G. Wu, P. Van Schuerbeek, J. De Mey, I. Marchetti, M. Vanderhasselt, J. Remue, R. Luypaert, R. De Raedt

  • Mapping the voxel-wise effective connectome in resting state fMRI
    G. Wu, W. Liao, H. Chen, S. Stramaglia, D. Marinazzo

  • Recovering directed networks in neuroimaging datasets using partially conditioned Granger causality
    G. Wu, W. Liao, H. Chen, S. Stramaglia, D. Marinazzo

  • A blind deconvolution approach to recover effective connectivity brain networks from resting state fMRI data
    G. Wu, W. Liao, S. Stramaglia, J. Ding, H. Chen, D. Marinazzo

  • Functional and effective connectivity in EEG alpha and beta bands during intermittent flash stimulation in migraine with and without aura
    M. de Tommaso, S. Stramaglia, D. Marinazzo, G. Trotta, M. Pellicoro

  • Expanding the transfer entropy to identify information circuits in complex systems
    S. Stramaglia, G. Wu, M. Pellicoro, D. Marinazzo

  • Mapping the epileptic brain with EEG dynamical connectivity: established methods and novel approaches
    M. Papadopoulou, K. Vonck, P. Boon, D. Marinazzo

  • Information flow in networks and the law of diminishing marginal returns: evidence from modeling and human electroencephalographic recordings
    D. Marinazzo, G. Wu, L. Angelini, M. Pellicoro, S. Stramaglia

  • Causal information approach to partial conditioning in multivariate data sets
    D. Marinazzo, M. Pellicoro, S. Stramaglia

  • Neural adaptation while preserving coding accuracy
    J.Cortes, D.Marinazzo, M.Oram, P.Series, T.Sejnowski, M.vanRossum

  • Multi-scale causal connectivity analysis by canonical correlation: theory and application to epileptic brain
    G.Wu, F.Chen, D.Kang, X.Zhang, D.Marinazzo, H.Chen

  • Nonlinear connectivity by Granger causality
    D. Marinazzo, W.Liao, H.Chen, S.Stramaglia

  • Small-world Directed Networks in the Human Brain: Multivariate Granger Causality Analysis of Resting State fMRI
    W.Liao, J.Ding, D.Marinazzo, Z.Pan, Z.Zhang, G. Lu, H. Chen

  • Grouping time series by pairwise measures of redundancy
    D.Marinazzo, W.Liao, M.Pellicoro, S.Stramaglia

  • Redundant variables and Granger causality
    L.Angelini, M.De Tommaso, D. Marinazzo, L.Nitti, M.Pellicoro, S.Stramaglia

  • Kernel Granger Causality Mapping Effective Connectivity on fMRI Data
    W.Liao, D. Marinazzo, Z.Pan, H.Chen, Q.Gong

  • Kernel Granger causality and the analysis of dynamical networks
    D. Marinazzo, M.Pellicoro and S. Stramaglia

  • Kernel method for nonlinear Granger causality
    D. Marinazzo, M.Pellicoro and S. Stramaglia

  • Semi-supervised learning by search of optimal target vector
    L.Angelini, D.Marinazzo, M.Pellicoro, S. Stramaglia

  • Input-driven oscillations in networks with excitatory and inhibitory neurons with dynamic synapses
    D. Marinazzo, H.J.Kappen and C.C.A.M. Gielen

  • Effects of Levetiracetam vs Topiramate and placebo on visually evoked phase synchronization changes of alpha rhythm in migraine patients
    M. De Tommaso, D.Marinazzo, L.Nitti, M.Pellicoro, M.Guido, C.Serpino, S.Stramaglia

  • Phase diagram of a generalized Winfree model
    F. Giannuzzi, D. Marinazzo, G. Nardulli, M. Pellicoro, S. stramaglia

  • Multiscale analysis of short term heart beat interval, arterial blood pressure, and instantaneous lung volume time series
    L.Angelini, R. Maestri, D. Marinazzo, L. Nitti, M. Pellicoro, G. D. Pinna, S. Stramaglia, S.A. Tupputi

  • Natural clustering: the modularity approach
    L.Angelini, D.Marinazzo, M.Pellicoro, S. Stramaglia

  • Identification of network modules by optimization of ratio association
    L.Angelini, S.Boccaletti, D.Marinazzo, M.Pellicoro, S. Stramaglia

  • Nonlinear parametric model for Granger causality of time series
    D. Marinazzo, M.Pellicoro and S. Stramaglia

  • Kernel method for clustering based on optimal target vector
    L. Angelini, D. Marinazzo, M.Pellicoro and S. Stramaglia

  • The measure of randomness by leave-one-out prediction error in the analysis of EEG after laser painful stimulation in healthy subjects and migraine patients
    M. de Tommaso, D. Marinazzo, S.Stramaglia

  • Measuring randomness by leave-one-out prediction error. Analysis of EEG after painful stimulation
    N. Ancona, L. Angelini, M. De Tommaso, D. Marinazzo, L. Nitti, M.Pellicoro and S. Stramaglia

  • Leave-one-out prediction error of systolic arterial pressure time series under paced breathing
    N.Ancona, R.Maestri, D.Marinazzo, L.Nitti, M. Pellicoro, G.D. Pinna, S.Stramaglia

  • Visually evoked phase synchronization changes of alpha rhythm in migraine. Correlations with clinical features
    M. de Tommaso, D. Marinazzo, M. Guido, G. Libro, S. Stramaglia, L. Nitti, G. Lattanzi, L. Angelini, M. Pellicoro

  • A Radial Basis Function approach to nonlinear Granger causality of time series
    N.Ancona, D.Marinazzo, S.Stramaglia

  • Phase shifts of synchronized oscillators and the systolic-diastolic blood pressure relation
    L.Angelini, G.Lattanzi, R.Maestri, D.Marinazzo, G.Nardulli, L.Nitti, M.Pellicoro, G.Pinna, S.Stramaglia

  • Steady-state visual evoked potentials and phase synchronization in migraine patients
    L.Angelini, M.De Tommaso, M.Guido, K.Hu, P.Ivanov, D.Marinazzo, G.Nardulli, L.Nitti, M.Pellicoro, C.Pierro, S.Stramaglia