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Srđan Lazendić

PhD student and assistant

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Master thesis students

Valentin Penaud-Polge Finsler geometry approach to Beltrami framework for image processing (2019/2020)
Jens Janssens Demystifying convolutional neural networks using sparse coding: application to medical image segmentation (2020/2021)
Joren Vercruysse Beschrijvingen van conforme transformaties met geometrische algebra's (2020/2021)
Simon Schoonjans Multimodal image registration using deep reinforcement learning (2021/2022)
Nigel Mestach U-Net Architecture for the Detection of Cracks in Panel Paintings (2021/2022)
Axel Jové Lettens Deep Active Learning Strategies for Paint Loss Detection (2021/2022)
Pieter-Jan Vandaele Classical coding approaches to quantum applications (2021/2022)
Régis Schulze Classical and quantum approaches to belief propagation algorithms: application to communications (2021/2022)
Matthias Mertens Quaternionisch schaars representatiemodel: toepassing op demosaicing van kleurenafbeeldingen (2021/2022)
Nick Van Osta Neuro-Evolutionary Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Control (2021/2022)
Thiebe Stegen Deep Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Images (2021/2022)
Roel Huysentruyt Geometric Deep Learning Model for Detection of Knee Osteoarthritis (2022/2023)
Emiel Moerman Interpretable Deep Learning Models and Deep Unrolling (2022/2023)
Bert Van hauwermeiren Neuro-Evolutionary Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Control (2022/2023)
Stijn Dezeure Quantum computing: with applications to image processing (2022/2023)
Henri Vandendorpe Unsupervised analysis of microscopic images from metallurgical research via AI (2022/2023)