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Srđan Lazendić

PhD student and assistant

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Photo Gallery

Master thesis defence - with my parents and my sister (2016).
Master thesis defence - with the jury members (2016).
With my supervisors Prof. De Bie and Prof. Pizurica in Ghent (2018).
With my colleagues and my promotor at ICCA 11 (2017).
With my friends at my master thesis defence in Novi Sad (2016).
David Hestenes Prize, AGACSE 2018, Campinas, Brazil (2018).
EUSIPCO 2018 in Rome, Italy (2018).
With my colleagues from Novi Sad in
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (2018).
Master thesis defence, Novi Sad
(29 July 2016).
Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro, Portugal (2017).
Me and my colleague Astrid in Aveiro, Portugal (2017).
My first oral presentation at ICCA 11 in Ghent, Belgium (2017).
In Novi Sad, Serbia (2014).
In Novi Sad, Serbia (2018).
In Liège, Belgium (2017).
Talk at CMRNP, Novi Sad, Serbia (2017).