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Below a (floating!) list of possible MSc-thesis subjects. Contact me if you desire more info.

A. Related to the SoilGen model for soil evolution over multi-millennium timescales:

Ž During periods of soil formation in the Chinese Loess, the deposition of loess dust continues. The rhythm of dust deposition (amount over time, its mineralogical composition) is not well known. What more information can be found and is the uncertainty on dust deposition influencing simulated soil formation ? This thesis would focus on a literature scan and doing simulations in a set-up of an statistical uncertainty analysis for the Holocene soil formation period. Question: “What is the effect of uncertainty on dust deposition on (simulated) soil formation ?”

Ž During glacial periods, soil formation is limited, but it remains the question if soil formation and weathering comes completely to a stand-still. This is relevant because we usually assume the material below a paleosoil to be the parent material of the soil developing (during the interglacial) on top. But is this assumption valid if soil formation and weathering continues in all materials, during the next glacial and interglacial periods? To investigate this, we propose a comparison of simulated weathering rates between glacial and interglacial periods in the Chinese Loess Plateau according to a transition state theory approach. Question: “To what degree does weathering and associated soil formation continue during cold periods ?”

Ž Soil ecosystem services (like Carbon Sequestration Capacity, Water Yield, Crop water availability) vary in space and time due to variations in climate and land use. Sampling of soil parameters can give a spatial impression of variation in space at present, but to assess variation in time, simulations are inevitable. We are interested to know the variation over the Holocene of ecosystem service performance over a spatial climate gradient in the Chinese Loess Plateau. Question: “What was the likely effect of millenniums of agricultural history on ecosystem service performance ?”

Ž Dynamic adaptation of effective h-Θ-K relations for weathering stony soils

B. Jointly defined thesis topics on: modelling effects of global change on soils / soil landscape reconstruction / digital soil mapping

Ž xxxModelling soil-climate relations for MIS3-interstadial over an European loess-transect

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MSc-theses in progress

thesis subjects

- Filippo BENEDETTI. 2018. Soil development in Italian soils under vinyards: Change in “terroir ”. MSc. Physical Land Resources. Poster presentation at EGU.

- Albert NIYONZIMA. 2017. Digital Soil Nutrients Mapping based on Available Legacy Maps and Point Data in Rwanda. MSc. Physical Land Resources.

- Sastrika ANINDITA, 2016. Analysing land use effects on soil development at Lembang, Bandung district, Indonesia. MSc. Physical Land Resources.

- Filippo BENEDETTI, 2016. Soil bioturbation. BSc Univ. La Sapienza, Roma.

- Nicholas John BERNARDINI, 2015. Comparing the climate effects of MIS-5e and MIS-13 on soil formation over the Chinese Loess Plateau by simulation modelling. MSc Geology. Eurosoil2016, Article

- Humphrey ATUBA, 2015. Predicting aspects of the long-term evolution of example urban soils using pedogenetic modeling . MSc. Physical Land Resources.

- Afah REMONE, 2015. Indigenous soil suitability classification and implications on food security in the North west region of Cameroon. MSc. Physical Land Resources.

- Ineke De JONGH, 2014. Romeinse en Vroegmiddeleeuwse bewoning in de Vlaamse oostkust (Roman and early Medieval occupation at the eastern Flemish coast). MSc. Archeologie

- Timothy NUYTS, 2014. Bronstijd grafheuvels in Oost– en West-Vlaanderen: een predictief model (bronze age mounds in east and west Flanders provinces: a predictive model). MSc. Archeologie

- Thanh Thuy DOAN, 2013. Evaluating the potential of digital soil mapping to map soil types in Vietnam. MSc. Physical Land Resources

- Juma Maingu, 2012. Mapping Phreatic water tables in the Zeveneken area between Lochristi and Lokeren. MSc. Physical Land Resources.

- Ruben VERGAUWE. 2012. Studie omtrent bodemgenese en degradatieprocessen bij bronstijd grafheuvels in het zuiden van de Lage Landen (Soil genesis and degradation processes in Bronze Age burial mounds in the Low Countries) MSc. Archeologie. Article.

- Johannes A.M. Vermeer. 2012. Een finaalpleistocene paleotopografie. (A final Pleistocene palaeotopography) MSc. Archeologie. Article.

- Johannes DE GROEVE. 2010. Inventarisatie van metaaltijdvondsten in het Antwerpse scheldebekken -een geoarcheologische benadering. (an inventory of Metal age objects in the Antwerp Scheldt area: a geoarchaeological approach) MSc. Archeologie.

- Joachim ROZEK, 2009. Merovingische bewoning in Oost­Belgiė ­geoarcheologische beschouwing. (Merovingian occupation in eastern Belgium: geoarchaeological perspectives) MSc. Archeologie

- Lise COX, 2009. Een bodemkundige en geomorfologische benadering van de zoutsites rond de Noordzee in de ijzertijd geļmplementeerd in GIS. (A pedological and geomorphological approach to iron age salt extraction sites in GIS) MSc Archeologie

- Yasmine CRYNS. 2008. De toepassing van een archeologische deductieve verwachtingskaart met behulp van Bayesiaanse statistiek binnen het Benedenschelde-bekken (Deductive predictive modelling in the lower Scheldt basin) MSc. Archeologie.

- Yousef O.Y. Zidan. 2008. Mapping Phreatic Water Tables to Update the Drainage Class Map 1:20.000 in the Scheldt valley near Ghent. MSc. Physical land Resources.


Recently finished theses (published)

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