Marc De Batist

Renard Centre of Marine Geology

Department of Geology and Soil Science

Ghent University

Krijgslaan 281 s.8

B-9000 Gent, Belgium


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Licentiaat in de Wetenschappen (Aard- en Delfstofkunde) - Licentiate in Sciences (Geology)

                July 1982, Rijksuniversiteit Gent

                Licentiate thesis on “Anomalous pore pressures in sediments and mechanisms of thrusting”.

Doctor in de Wetenschappen (Aard- en Delfstofkunde) - Doctorate in Sciences (Geology)

                March 1989, Rijksuniversiteit Gent

                Doctorate thesis on the “Seismostratigraphy and structure of the Palaeogene in the southern North Sea".


Career and employment

03.1985 - 03.1989                Aspirant - Research Assistant (NFWO), Rijksuniversiteit Gent

03.1989 - 11.1990                Scientific personnel, Rijksuniversiteit Gent

11.1990 - 09.1992                Assistant, Universiteit Gent

10.1992 - 09.1998                Post-doctoraal onderzoeker - Senior Research Assistant (NFWO), Universiteit Gent

10.1998 - 09.2000                Onderzoeksleider - Research Associate (FWO), Universiteit Gent

10.2000 - 09.2006                Docent - Lecturer, Universiteit Gent

10.2006 - present                  Hoogleraar - Professor, Universiteit Gent



Geofysica - partim (3de ba. geologie), Universiteit Gent

Geologie van Belgie - partim (2de ba. geologie), Universiteit Gent

Marine and Lacustrine Geology - partim (1ste ma. Marelac), Universiteit Gent

Paleoclimatology - partim (1ste ma. geologie, 1ste ma. Marelac), Universiteit Gent

Basin Genesis and Evolution - partim (1ste ma. geologie, 1ste ma. Marelac), Universiteit Gent


Main research interests

Sedimentary geology of siliciclastic shelves.

Internal structure and origin of incised valleys and sand ridges on continental shelves (North Sea, English Channel, Celtic Sea)

Seismic and sequence stratigraphy and structure of the Palaeogene of the southern North Sea and the Tertiary of Belgium

Polygonal faulting in Eocene clays (North Sea)

Sedimentary geology of shelf, shelf-edge, slope and foot-of-slope environments along high-latitude margins (Antarctica, polar North Atlantic).

Structural and sedimentary geology, seismic stratigraphy and lake-floor morphology of glacial, volcanic and continental rift lakes (Le Bourget, Annecy, Anterne, Geneva, Sanabria, Chilean Lake District, Challa, Naivasha, Malawi, Tanganyika, Rukwa, Baikal, Teletskoye, Issyk-Kul, Khubsugul,...).

Marine geology and geophysics of gas hydrates and methane seeps.


Recent research projects

EC MAST-I Project "RESECUSED" 1990-1992. Subcontractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC MAST-I Project "GISP" 1991-1993. Contractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC MAST-II Project "STARFISH" 1993-1995. Contractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC MAST-III-ENRICH Project "GASHYDAT" 1999-2001. Contractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC ENVIRONMENT Project "Rukwa" 1994-1996. Associated contractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC FP5-EESD Project "APELIK" 2000-2002. Contractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC FP5-EESD Project "CONTINENT" 2001-2003. Contractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC FP5-EESD Project "CRIMEA" 2002-2005. Scientific Coordinator.

EC/INTAS Project 93-0134 "Continental rift tectonics and sedimentary basin development" 1994-1996. Associated contractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC/INTAS Project 96-1915 "Assessment and evaluation of gas hydrates in Lake Baikal" 1998-1999. Contractor - Scientific project responsible.

EC/INTAS Project 99-1669 "A new bathymetric computer map of Lake Baikal" 2000-2001. Coordinator.

EC/INTAS Project 01-2309 "Multidisciplinary study of gas seeps in Lake Baikal" 2002-2004. Coordinator.

DPWB Research Programme on Antarctica "ANTAR/II/09" 1988-1991. Deputy project director.

DWTC Research Programme on Antarctica "A3/02/002" 1992-1996. Project director.

DWTC Research Programme on Antarctica " A4/DD/G01" 1996-2000. Project co-director.

DWTC PHARE Programme "IN/PH/001" 1996. Project co-director.

DWTC Programme "IN/RU/005" 1996-1998. Partner - Scientific project responsible.

DWTC Programme "BL/02/R10" 1998-2001. Project director - Scientific project responsible.

DWTC Programme "BL/02/R11" 2001-2003. Project director - Scientific project responsible.

DWTC Programme "MN/02/92". Partner - Scientific project responsible.

DWTC Programme "EV/02/10A". Co-ordinator - Scientific project responsible.

NFWO Krediet aan Navorsers "Uitbouw van een digitaal hoge-resolutie seismisch acquisitiesysteem"

FKFO project "Belgian contribution to ODP and PONAM" 1990-1993. Partner - Deputy project responsible.

FWO project "Hydrates and Lake Bed Venting : a Geophysical Survey Strategy with a Pluridisciplinary Research Outlook" 1999-2001. Project co-director.

FWO project "Exploratie van Afrikaanse kratermeren in functie van paleoklimaatonderzoek" 2000-2003. Partner - Project responsible.

BNRE Overeenkomst VLA/90.1.4. Project responsible.

BNRE Overeenkomst VLA/91.1.4. Project responsible.

BNRE Overeenkomst VLA/93.1.4. Project responsible.


Main publications

AMBLAS, D., URGELES, R., CANALS, M., CALAFAT, A.M., REBESCO, M., CAMERLENGHI, A., ESTRADA, F., DE BATIST, M. & HUGUES-CLARKE, J.E., 2006. Relationship between continental rise development and palaeo-ice sheet dynamics, Northern Antarctic Peninsula Pacific margin. Quaternary Science Reviews, 25(9-10), 933-944.

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BERTRAND, S., CHARLET, F., CHAPRON, E., FAGEL, N. & DE BATIST, M., (in press). Reconstruction of the Holocene seismotectonic activity of the Southern Andes from seismites recorded in Lago Icalma, Chile, 39°S. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.

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