Complex Systems Institute

The website of our Complex Systems Institute (CSI) at Ghent University has been updated. Pay us an online visit first!


I am constantly looking for motivated and independent students to develop a Master project, PhD thesis or Post-doc project under my supervision or in co-supervision. I am open to host, support and mentor strong candidates on individual grant applications.

The Flemish Research Foundation (FWO) is the main source of funding in this region of Belgium. Ghent University also provides research funding in a competitive basis. Other funding opportunities may be available depending on profile and research interests, plan well in advance and feel free to contact me to discuss possibilities.

Ghent University has annual calls for partnerships with low-income and developing countries to sponsor PhD students. I am happy to discuss collaboration opportunities in the broad area of complex systems, network science, econophysics, and data science. Click here for more info!

I am looking for post-docs interested on applying for Marie Curie Fellowship in 2022 with our team at UGent as host institution. This is a very competitive grant, if you have an excellent track-record and a project in mind, contact me to discuss the possibilities.

I work in interdisciplinary topics and with collaborators from multiple disciplines. I thus welcome students from diverse backgrounds with quantitative training such as physics, economics, computer sciences, applied math, engineering, ecology, medical sciences, etc...


Our free software for visualisation of time-evolving/temporal networks is available here!

Recommended forthcoming events

19-23 September 2022: Ghent Summer of DANS 2022

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