(last update : 14-03-2018)

Next Generation Sequencing

This is a presentation I have made (version March 14th 2018): Next Generation Sequencing for Dummies (download file). Explanation is available in this file.

It is a presentation of 155 slides, and still it is only the 'tip of the iceberg' when it goes about Next Generation Sequencing. With this presentation, I'm trying to give you the basic principles and work flow, so if you know what is happening, you can understand what can go wrong. Once you know the basics, it is easier to read more detailed publications.

I have made several pictures for this presentation. I have placed them here, available for others to use them. (Right-click to view or save the picture in full size)

Emulsion PCR explaned in detail.

Library preparation for Next Generation Sequencing.

Particle enrichment with magnetic beads.

Sequencing the DNA on the beads.

SOLiD ligation. This is just the first picture. All the pictures are available in this ZIP-file.

Mate-pair sequencing.

Illumina polony pcr

Ion Torrent sequencing process

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