(last update : 15-05-2009)
This is me :

picture of me...
(this picture is not necessarily a true reproduction, I look more like Bruce Willis)

I'm a laboratory worker doing most of the practical work on sequencing in our lab (running the Sequencer for the whole Department). This goes from preparing of gDNA, over PCR reactions, followed by sequencing, assembling of the sequenced gene, aligning of the genes from different species and calculating of the phylogenetic trees (well, actually, the computer does the calculations, I'm just sitting in front of the computer waiting until it is finished...). I also keep our computers running in the lab, Windows and Linux as operating systems. I'm the contact person for waste disposal and safety for the Department. Don't forget : I also try to fix broken pipettors, computers, lab materials if it is not to complicated.

hihi I can see the files on your harddrive...
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