Hi, my name is

*chicka chicka*

Wouter Durnez

About me

Who am I?

I love technology and gizmos.

I like to go off-track and discover new stuff on my own.

I could not last a day without music.

I get moody when I can't do sports for a while.

I enjoy < ∕ coding > in any type of language.

I beleive correct langauge is important.

I have a suboptimal attention span.

Sorry, what was the question?

A few publications

Durnez, W., & Van Damme, S. (2017). Let it be? Pain control attempts critically amplify attention to somatosensory input. PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH-PSYCHOLOGISCHE FORSCHUNG, 81(1), 309–320.

Van Damme, Stefaan, Vanden Bulcke, C., Durnez, W., & Crombez, G. (2016). Attentional bias to pain-relevant body locations: new methods, new challenges. CONSCIOUSNESS AND COGNITION, 43, 128–132.

Durnez, W., & Van Damme, S. (2016). No evidence for threat-induced spatial prioritization of somatosensory stimulation during pain control using a synchrony judgment paradigm. PLOS ONE, 11(6).

Durnez, W. (2015). How pain control attempts guide attention: an experimental analysis. Ghent University. Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Ghent, Belgium.

Vanden Bulcke, C., Crombez, G., Durnez, W., & Van Damme, S. (2015). Is attentional prioritization on a location where pain is expected modality-specific or multisensory? CONSCIOUSNESS AND COGNITION, 36, 246–255.

Van Hulle, L., Durnez, W., Crombez, G., & Van Damme, S. (2015). Detection of tactile change detection on a bodily location where pain is expected. PERCEPTUAL AND MOTOR SKILLS, 120(1), 219–231.

Durnez, W., & Van Damme, S. (2015). Trying to fix a painful problem: the impact of pain control attempts on the attentional prioritization of a threatened body location. JOURNAL OF PAIN, 16(2), 135–143.

Vanden Bulcke, C., Van Damme, S., Durnez, W., & Crombez, G. (2013). The anticipation of pain at a specific location of the body prioritizes tactile stimuli at that location. PAIN, 154(8), 1464–1468.

Notebaert, L., Crombez, G., Van Damme, S., Durnez, W., & Theeuwes, J. (2013). Attentional prioritization of threatening information: examining the role of the size of the attentional window. COGNITION & EMOTION, 27(4), 621–631.

... and a tiny little award

Best research project - International Summer School in Affective Sciences (ISSAS, 2014)