Tim Verbelen

Senior Researcher

Ghent University, imec

I'm a Senior Researcher at Ghent University, imec. My research is focused on developing smart robots that autonomously learn to perceive and act in the world, inspired by cognitive neuroscience theories such as active inference.


A selection of my recent publications. See Google Scholar for a complete list, or checkout the research blog of my team.

Pietro Mazzaglia, Tim Verbelen, Bart Dhoedt , Contrastive Active Inference , NeurIPS , 2021 .
Ozan Çatal, Tim Verbelen, Toon Van de Maele, Bart Dhoedt, Adam Safron , Robot navigation as hierarchical active inference , Neural Networks , 2021 .
Ozan Çatal, Wouter Jansen, Tim Verbelen, Bart Dhoedt, Jan Steckel , LatentSLAM: unsupervised multi-sensor representation learning for localization and mapping , ICRA , 2021 .
Toon Van de Maele, Tim Verbelen, Ozan Çatal, Cedric De Boom, Bart Dhoedt , Active Vision for Robot Manipulators using the Free Energy Principle , Frontiers in Neurorobotics , 2021 .
Ozan Çatal, Sam Leroux, Cedric De Boom, Tim Verbelen, Bart Dhoedt , Anomaly Detection for Autonomous Guided Vehicles using Bayesian Surprise , IROS , 2020 .
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