Tim Raeymaekers


Welcome to my homepage. My name is Tim Raeymaekers. Since 2019, I'm working as an educational supervisor at the department of Electonics and Information Systems (ELIS) of Ghent University. In this position, I'm responsible for most mathematics courses in the bachelor programs of the faculty of Engineering and Architecture.
I studied mathematics, which resulted in a degree of Master in Mathematics in 2009, and I followed the Specifie Teacher Training Programme. In 2004, I started my carreer as a assistant at the Clifford analysis research group, which resulted in a Doctorate in Mathematics in entitled 'Higher Spin Dirac Operators in Clifford Analysis' under the supervision of Prof. Hennie De Schepper (UGent) and Prof. David Eelbode (UA). From 2015 until 2019, I worked in the same research group as a post-doctoral assistant.