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1. What is the International Burkholderia cepacia Working Group?


2. FAQ about Burkholderia cepacia


3. Minutes of the meetings of the Working Group and abstracts of presentations


4. The agricultural use of Burkholderia cepacia


5. The US Burkholderia cepacia Research Laboratory and Repository


6. The Canadian Burkholderia cepacia complex Research and Referral Repository


7.The Burkholderia cepacia complex experimental strain panel


8. Burkholderia arrays and protocols






24 April 2012 : Group picture (taken during Montreal meeting) is available here

You can also download the slide with closing remarks (compiled by dr. Silvia Cardona)


10 April 2012 : Abstract Book and Conference Program for 2012 meeting (Montreal, Canada) are available


21 April 2011 : Group picture (taken during Prague meeting) is available here


28 March 2011 : Abstracts for 2011 meeting (Prague, CZ) are available here


12 May 2010

For group picture (taken during Seattle meeting) click here


3 May 2010

-Abstracts presented at the last IBCWG meeting (Seattle, April 2010) are available

-Next meeting is in Prague (April 2011) - click here for invitation


16 March 2010

Information about Burkholderia arrays and protocols posted


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