Selien De Schryder

Assistant Professor in Empirical Macroeconomics at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University


Ghent University - Department of Economics
Sint-Pietersplein 5
B-9000 Ghent, Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)9 264 34 91
Fax: +32 (0)9 264 89 95
E-mail: selien(dot)deschryder(at)ugent(dot)be

Download my CV here (update September 2021)

Research interests

Empirical macroeconomics, monetary policy, macroprudential policy, energy economics

Working papers and work in progress

'Assessing the effects of borrower-based  macroprudential policy on credit in the EU using intensity-based indices’ (with Lara Coulier)

'Evaluating heterogeneous effects of housing-sector-specific macroprudential policy tools on Belgian house prices' (with Lara Coulier)

'The effects of the institutional macroprudential framework on central bank credibility' (with Lara Coulier)

'The US unconventional oil and gas revolution: how dit it impact the macroeconomy' (with Nikolaos Koutounidis & Gert Peersman)

'Exploring the heterogeneous transmission of the COVID-19 shock to the Belgian macroeconomy and its welfare redistribution effects' (with Nikolaos Koutounidis & Koen Schoors)

Export Dynamics Since the Great Trade Collapse: a Cross-Country Analysis’ (with John Lewis) - Bank of England Working Paper No. 535, November 2015.

(Forthcoming) Publications

Macroprudential policy and its impact on the credit Cycle' (with Frederic Opitz), 2020, Forthcoming in Journal of Financial Stability.

Heterogeneous Government Spending Multipliers in the Era Surrounding the Great Recession' (with Marco Bernardini and Gert Peersman), 2020, The Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 102(2), 304-322.

Wage Indexation and the Monetary Policy Regime’ (with Gert Peersman and Joris Wauters), 2020, Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 63, 103-166.  

'Inflation during times of economic slack and deleveraging: a panel data analysis', 2017, Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 69(3),  612-631.

‘The U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate and the Demand for Oil’ (with Gert Peersman), 2015, Energy Journal, Vol. 36(3), 263-285.


Course of Monetary Economics for MA students Banking and Finance (Ghent University)

Course of Monetary Policy for Master student in Economics (Ghent University)

Course "Seminariewerk" for Bachelor students in Economics (Ghent University) - in Dutch (Bachelor papers)

    -> Visit the Ufora study platform of Ghent University for the detailed course material (note: login required).

Supervising PhD students

current PhD students: Frederic Opitz, Lara Coulier, Nikolaos Koutounidis

Annually returning call for PhD assistants at the department level (during spring, see department's website)