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PhD & Postdocs

There are opportunities for a PhD student phd and postdoctoral associate phd to join our group at UNB.

27 jan 2019 :: #phd #postdoc #unb

xyz richardson-gaudin

Our paper on the most general parametrizaiton of the XYZ Richardson-Gaudin Hamiltonian in the presence of an arbitrary magnetic field is published as a letter in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical.

Interestingly, everything can be understood in the framework of the eigenvalue-based formalism.

Joint work with Pieter Claeys, Claude Dimo and Alexandre Faribault

27 jan 2019 :: #centralspin #xyz #richardson-gaudin #whosthatwriting

University of New Brunswick

Starting April 2019, I will join the Department of Chemistry at the University of New Brunswick as a Canada Research Chair, Tier 2. Can't wait to start this exciting new chapter!

A big thanx for all those who made this possible!


New possibilities for MSc/PhD students and postdoctoral researchers will be communicated shortly.

06 jan 2019 :: #unb #crc #chemistry

Unitary Birkhoff

Last week, our paper on a new episode of the Birkhoff theorem for doubly stochastic unitary matrices appeared on the arxiv. It presents an efficient Birkhoff decomposition for unitary matrices of a prime-power dimension pw with the number of terms in the expansion not exceeding the order of the general affine group GA(w,p).

Joint work with Alex De Vos.

All comments are welcome!

02 jan 2019 :: #birkhofftheorem #whosthatwriting

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