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Work in Progress

Trade integration and trade agreements: resolving the endogeneity problem through a qualitative VAR

Gravity with Global Trade Shocks

  • With Scott Baier

Tracking Global Bilateral Migration

  • With Glenn Rayp

Migration Policy Selectivity

  • With Ilse Ruyssen and Glenn Rayp

Book Chapters

2020 - Gravity Models and Empirical Trade

2019 - Measuring Structural Change

2018 - Structure and Evolution of the World's Historical Trade Patterns

2017 - Measuring Actual Economic Integration: An Outline of a Bayesian State-Space Approach

  • With Glenn Rayp (Ghent University)
  • In "Indicator-based monitoring of regional economic integration" edited by P. De Lombaerde and E. Saucedo, Springer

Journal Articles

2020 - Inequality and Property Rights Revisited

2018 - The Inclusive Sustainable Transformation Index

2017 - Combining Growth and Level Data: an estimation of the population of Belgian cities between 1880 and 1970

2017 - Measuring and Explaining Cross-Country Immigration Policies

2016 - Multilateral Trade Agreements in Africa: Exploring the Role of Rent-Seeking Behavior

2016 - Historical Trade Integration: Globalization and the Distance Puzzle in the Long Twentieth Century

2015 - Divining the Level of Corruption: A Bayesian State-Space Approach