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What's on this system ?

This system contains the electronic form of eight glossaries, in which you can find 1830 technical and popular medical terms in eight of the nine official European languages : English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish.

There are four kinds of documents on this system :

  1. Lists of technical and popular medical terms : these lists contain an index of all the medical terms, with cross-references between technical and popular terms (one list for each language).
  2. Glossaries of technical and popular medical terms : these glossaries contain notes and comments from translators and users for each of the 1830 terms in the selected language. This is where your comments will eventually find their place.
  3. Multilingual lemma collection : this list contains 1830 pages, one for each of the 1830 concepts in this system. On each page all the technical and popular terms from the all languages are brought together.
  4. Dictionary : this list contains a short description (in English) of each term.
These lists are connected with each other. You can go from one to the other by clicking on their icons :

Accessing the database

There are three ways to access the database :

These options can be accessed by clicking on "Using the database" at the Welcome page.

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