English dictionary of medical terms (89)

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[Multilingual]No:1760 - tubular
(L. tubularis) shaped like a tube; of or pertaining to a tubule.
[Multilingual]No:1761 - tumour
(L.; from tumere to swell) 1. swelling, one of the cardinal signs of inflammations; morbid enlargement. 2. a new growth of tissue in which the multiplication of cells is uncontrolled and progressive; called also neoplasm.
[Multilingual]No:1762 - turnover
the movement of something into, through, and out of a place; the rate at which a thing is depleted and replaced.
[Multilingual]No:1763 - tympanum
(L.; Gr. tympanon drum) 1. loosely, the tympanic membrane (membrana tympani (NA)). 2. the tympanic cavity (cavitas tympanica (NA)).
[Multilingual]No:1764 - ulcer
(L. ulcus; Gr. helkosis) a local defect, or excavation, of the surface of an organ or tissue; which is produced by the sloughing of inflammatory necrotic tissue.
[Multilingual]No:1765 - ulceration
(L. ulceratio) 1. the formation or development of an ulcer. 2. an ulcer.
[Multilingual]No:1766 - ulcerogenic
causing ulceration; leading to the production of ulcers.
[Multilingual]No:1767 - ulcus cruris
ulcer of the foot
[Multilingual]No:1768 - uniform
marked by lack of variation, diversity, change in form, degree, or character in all occurrences or manifestations.
[Multilingual]No:1769 - unilateral
(uni- + L. latus side) affecting but one side.
[Multilingual]No:1770 - unitdose
occurring in, or using a single dose, seen as a standard of measurement.
[Multilingual]No:1771 - uraemia
(Gr. ouron urine + haima blood + -ia) 1. an excess in the blood of urea, creatinine, and other nitrogenous end products of protein and amino acids metabolism; more correctly referred to as azotemia. 2. in current usage the entire constellation of signs and symptoms of chronic renal failure, including nausea, vomiting anorexia, a metallic taste in the mouth, a uraemic odour of the breath, pruritus, uraemic frost on the skin, neuromuscular disorders, pain and twitching in the muscles, hypertension, edema, mental confusion, and acid-base and electrolyte imbalances.
[Multilingual]No:1772 - urethritis
inflammation of the urethra.
[Multilingual]No:1773 - urgency
the sudden compelling urge to urinate.
[Multilingual]No:1774 - uricosuric
1. pertaining to, characterized by, or promoting uricosuria (= the excretion of uric acid in the urine). 2. an agent that promotes uricosuria.
[Multilingual]No:1775 - urinary
pertaining to the urine; containing or secreting urine.
[Multilingual]No:1776 - urogenital
pertaining to the urinary and genital apparatus; genitourinary.
[Multilingual]No:1777 - urography
roentgenography of a part of the urinary tract which has been rendered opaque by some opaque medium.
[Multilingual]No:1778 - urticaria
Pathology: a transient condition of the skin, usually caused by an allergic reaction, characterized by pale or reddened irregular, elevated patches and severe itching; hives.
[Multilingual]No:1779 - uterus
(L.; Gr. hystera) (NA) the hollow muscular organ in female mammals in which the fertilized ovum normally becomes embedded and in which the developing embryo and fetus is nourished. In the nongravid human, it is a pear-shaped structure; about 3 inches in length, consisting of a body, fundus, isthmus, and cervix. Its cavity opens into the vagina below, and into the uterine tube on either side at the cornu. It is supported by direct attachment to the vagina and by indirect attachment to various other nearby pelvic structures. Called also metra.

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