English dictionary of medical terms (70)

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[Multilingual]No:1380/1379 - potentialization, potentiation
the synergistic action of two drugs, being greater than the sum of the effects of each used alone.
[Multilingual]No:1381 - precipitation
(L. praecipitatio) the act or process of precipitating.
[Multilingual]No:1382 - preclinical
before a disease becomes clinically recognizable.
[Multilingual]No:1383 - precordial
pertaining to the precordium (= region over the heart and lower part of the thorax).
[Multilingual]No:1384 - precursor
(L. praecursor a forerunner) something that precedes. In biological processes, a substance from which another, usually more active or mature substance is formed. In clinical medicine, a sign or symptom that heralds another.
[Multilingual]No:1385 - predisposition
(pre- + L. disponere to dispose) a latent susceptibility to disease which may be activated under certain conditions, as by stress.
[Multilingual]No:1386 - preeclampsia
a toxaemia of late pregnancy characterized by hypertension, edema, and proteinuria, when convulsions and coma are associated, it is called eclampsia.
[Multilingual]No:1387 - preliminary
lying before : leading to : being at the threshold of.
[Multilingual]No:1388 - preload
the tension in the heart muscle at the end of diastole (before the contraction).
[Multilingual]No:1389 - premature
(L. praematurus early ripe) 1. occurring before the proper time. 2. a premature infant.
[Multilingual]No:1390 - premedication
preliminary medication, particularly internal medication to produce narcosis prior to inhalation anaesthesia.
[Multilingual]No:1391 - premenstrual
occurring before menstruation.
[Multilingual]No:1392 - prenatal
(pre- + L. natalis natal) existing or occurring before birth, with reference to the fetus.
[Multilingual]No:1393 - preoperative
preceding an operation.
[Multilingual]No:1394 - preparation
(L. praeparatio) 1. a medicine made ready for use. 2. an anatomic or pathologic specimen made ready and preserved for study.
[Multilingual]No:1395 - prepuce
a covering fold of skin; often used alone to designate the preputium penis.
[Multilingual]No:1396 - prescription
(L. praescriptio) a written direction for the preparation and administration of a remedy. A prescription consists of the heading or superscription - that is, the symbol R or the word Recipe, meaning 'take'; the inscription, which contains the names and quantities of the ingredients; the subscription, or directions for compounding; and the signature, usually introduced by the sign S. for signa, 'mark', which gives the directions for the patient which are to be marked on the receptacle.
[Multilingual]No:1397 - presentation
(L. praesentatio) in obstetrics; (a) the relationship of the long axis of the fetus to that of the mother (called also lie); (b) the presenting part, i.e., that portion of the fetus which is touched by the examining finger through the cervix, or during labour, is bounded by the girdle of resistance.
[Multilingual]No:1398 - presynaptic
situated proximal to a synapse, or occurring before the synapse is crossed.
[Multilingual]No:1399 - prevention
a going before : state of being before : precedence; anticipation, forestalment, preventive, precaution.

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