English dictionary of medical terms (57)

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[Multilingual]No:1120 - myalgia
(my- + algia) pain in a muscle or muscles.
[Multilingual]No:1121 - myasthenia
(my- + Gr. astheneia weakness) muscular debility; any constitutional anomaly of muscle.
[Multilingual]No:1122 - mycobacterium
an organism of the genus Mycobacterium.
[Multilingual]No:1123 - mycological
relating to mycology, that is the science and study of fungi.
[Multilingual]No:1124 - mycosis
(myco- + -osis) any disease caused by a fungus.
[Multilingual]No:1125 - mycotic
pertaining to a mycosis; caused by fungi.
[Multilingual]No:1126 - mydriatic
1. dilating the pupil. 2. any drug that dilates the pupil.
[Multilingual]No:1127 - myeloma
(myelo- + -oma) a tumour composed of cells of the type normally found in the bone marrow.
[Multilingual]No:1128 - myelomatosis
multiple myeloma.
[Multilingual]No:1129 - myelosuppression
suppression of bone marrow activity, resulting in reduction in the number of platelets, red cells, and white cells.
[Multilingual]No:1130 - myelotoxic
(myelo- + Gr. toxikon poison) 1. destructive to bone marrow. 2. arising from diseased bone marrow.
[Multilingual]No:1131 - myocarditis
(myo- + Gr. kardia heart + -itis) inflammation of the myocardium; inflammation of the muscular walls of the heart.
[Multilingual]No:1132 - myopathy
(myo- + -pathy) any disease of a muscle.
[Multilingual]No:1133 - myopia
(Gr. myein to shut + -opia) that error of refraction in which rays of light entering the eye parallel to the optic axis are brought to a focus in front of the retina, as a result of the eyeball being too long from front to back (axial m.) or of an increased strength in refractive power of the media of the eye (index m.). Called also nearsightedness, because the near point is less distant than it is in emmetropia with an equal amplitude of accommodation.
[Multilingual]No:1134 - myositis
(Gr. myos of muscle + -itis) inflammation of a voluntary muscle.
[Multilingual]No:1135 - nadir
the lowest point; point of greatest adversity or despair.
[Multilingual]No:1136 - narcotic
(Gr. narkotikos benumbing, deadening) 1. pertaining to or producing narcosis. 2. an agent that produces insensibility or stupor, applied especially to the opioids, i.e. to any natural or synthetic drug that has morphine-like actions.
[Multilingual]No:1137 - nasal
(L. nasalis) pertaining to the nose.
[Multilingual]No:1138 - nasolacrimal
pertaining to the nose and lacrimal apparatus.
[Multilingual]No:1139 - natriuresis
(L. natrium sodium + Gr. oursis a making water) the excretion of abnormal amounts of sodium in the urine.

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