English dictionary of medical terms (56)

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[Multilingual]No:1100 - morbidity
a diseased condition or state; the incidence of a disease or of all diseases in a population.
[Multilingual]No:1101 - morphinomimetic
marked by simulation of (body processes induced by) morphine.
[Multilingual]No:1102 - mortality
the mortality rate; the proportion of deaths to population or to a specific number of the population.
[Multilingual]No:1103 - motility
the ability to move spontaneously.
[Multilingual]No:1104 - motor
a muscle, nerve, or centre that effects or produces movement.
[Multilingual]No:1105 - mucociliary
pertaining to or affecting the mucus membrane and hairs (including eyelashes, nose hair, ...): mucociliary clearing: the clearance of mucus by ciliary movement ( particularly in the respiratory system).
[Multilingual]No:1106 - mucocutaneous
(mucus + cutaneous) pertaining to or affecting the mucous membrane and the skin.
[Multilingual]No:1107 - mucolytic
destroying or dissolving mucin; an agent that so acts : a mucopolysaccharide or glycoprotein, the chief constituent of mucus.
[Multilingual]No:1108 - mucopurulent
containing both mucus and pus.
[Multilingual]No:1109 - mucosa
(L. 'mucus') a mucous membrane, or tunica mucosa.
[Multilingual]No:1110 - mucus
the free slime of the mucous membranes, composed of secretion of the glands, along with various inorganic salts, desquamated cells, and leucocytes.
[Multilingual]No:1111 - multidose
occurring in, or using multiple doses.
[Multilingual]No:1112 - multiparous
1. having had two or more pregnancies which resulted in viable fetuses. 2. producing several ova or offspring at one time.
[Multilingual]No:1113 - multiple
(L. multiplex) manifold; occurring in or affecting various parts of the body at once.
[Multilingual]No:1114 - muscle relaxant
(L. relaxare to loosen) an agent that specifically aids in reducing muscle tension, as those acting at the polysynaptic neurons of motor nerves (e.g. meprobamate) or at the myoneural junction (curare and related compounds).
[Multilingual]No:1115 - muscular
(L. muscularis) pertaining to or composing muscle.
[Multilingual]No:1116 - musculature
the muscular apparatus of the body, or of any part of it.
[Multilingual]No:1117 - mutagenic
inducing genetic mutation.
[Multilingual]No:1118 - mutation
(L. mutatio from mutare to change) 1. a change in form, quality, or some other characteristic. 2. in genetics, a permanent transmissible change in the genetic material, usually in a single gene. Also, an individual exhibiting such a change. Called also (in classical genetics) a sport.
[Multilingual]No:1119 - mutism
(L. mutus unable to speak, inarticulate) inability or refusal to speak.

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