English dictionary of medical terms (51)

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[Multilingual]No:1000 - lobe
(L. globus, from Gr. lobos) a more or less well-defined portion of any organ, especially of the brain, lungs, and glands. Lobes are demarcated by fissures, sulci, connective tissue, and by their shape.
[Multilingual]No:1001 - local
(L. localis) restricted to or pertaining to one spot or part; not general.
[Multilingual]No:1002 - localization
1. the determination of the site or place of any process or lesion. 2. restriction to a circumscribed or limited area. 3. prelocalization.
[Multilingual]No:1003 - lochia
(Gr. lochia) the vaginal discharge that takes place during the first week or two after childbirth.
[Multilingual]No:1004 - locomotor
of or pertaining to locomotion; pertaining to or affecting the locomotive apparatus of the body.
[Multilingual]No:1005 - locoregional
the characteristic of a disease-producing organism to transfer itself, but typically to the same region of the body (a leg, the lungs, ...)
[Multilingual]No:1006 - luetic
syphilitic: affected with, caused by, or pertaining to syphilis.
[Multilingual]No:1007 - lumbago
(L. lumbus loin) pain in the lumbar region.
[Multilingual]No:1008 - lumbar
pertaining to the loins, the part of the back between the thorax and the pelvis.
[Multilingual]No:1009 - lumen
(L. 'light') the cavity or channel within a tube or tubular organ.
[Multilingual]No:1010 - luxatio
[Multilingual]No:1011 - lymphadenopathy
(lymphaden + Gr. pathos disease) disease of the lymph nodes.
[Multilingual]No:1012 - lymphangitis
inflammation of a lymphatic vessel or vessels. Acute lymphangitis may result from spread of bacterial infection (most commonly beta-haemolytic streptococci) into the lymphatics, manifested by painful subcutaneous red streaks along the course of the vessels.
[Multilingual]No:1013 - lymphocytic
pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of lymphocytes.
[Multilingual]No:1014 - lymphoma
(lymph- + -oma) any neoplastic disorder of the lymphoid tissue, the term lymphoma often is used alone to denote malignant lymphoma.
[Multilingual]No:1015 - lyophilisate
the product of lyophilization ( the creation of a stable preparation of a biological substance, such as blood plasma or serum, by rapid freezing and dehydration of the frozen product under high vacuum).
[Multilingual]No:1016 - lytic
1. pertaining to lysis or to a lysin. 2. producing lysis.
[Multilingual]No:1017 - maceration
(L. maceratio) the softening of a solid by soaking. In histology, the softening of a tissue by soaking, especially in acids, until the connective tissue fibres are so dissolved that the tissue components can be teased apart. In obstetrics, the degenerative changes with discoloration and softening of tissues, and eventual disintegration, of a fetus retained in the uterus after its death.
[Multilingual]No:1018 - macula
a stain, spot, or thickening (NA). Often used alone to refer to the macula retinae.
[Multilingual]No:1019 - maculopapular
both macular and papular, as an eruption consisting of both macules and papules; sometimes erroneously used to designate a papule that is only slightly elevated.

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