English dictionary of medical terms (48)

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[Multilingual]No:940 - intrinsic
(L. intrinsecus, situated on the inside) situated entirely within or pertaining exclusively to a part.
[Multilingual]No:941 - intubation
(L. in into + tuba tube) the insertion of a tube into a body canal or hollow organ, as into the trachea or stomach.
[Multilingual]No:942 - invalidate
to weaken or make valueless : to discredit.
[Multilingual]No:943 - invasive
1. having the quality of invasiveness. 2. involving puncture or incision of the skin or insertion of an instrument or foreign material into the body; said of diagnostic techniques.
[Multilingual]No:944 - invert sugar
subjected to chemical inversion : inverted.
[Multilingual]No:945 - in vitro
within a glass; observable in a test tube; in an artificial environment.
[Multilingual]No:946 - in vivo
within the living body.
[Multilingual]No:947 - involution
(L. involutio; in into + volvere to roll) 1. a rolling or turning inward. 2. one of the movements involved in the gastrulation of many animals. 3. a retrograde change of the entire body or in a particular organ, as the retrograde changes in the female genital organs that result in normal size after delivery. 4. the progressive degeneration occurring naturally with advancing age, resulting in shrivelling of organs or tissues.
[Multilingual]No:948 - ionization
1. any process by which a neutral atom gains or loses electrons, thus acquiring a net charge, as the dissociation of a substance in solution into ions or ion production by the passage of radioactive particles. 2. iontophoresis.
[Multilingual]No:949 - ionogram
the result of ionography.
[Multilingual]No:950 - iridocyclitis
(irido- + cyclitis) inflammation of the iris and of the ciliary body; anterior uveitis.
[Multilingual]No:951 - iritis
(iris + -itis) inflammation of the iris, usually marked by pain, congestion in the ciliary region, photophobia, contraction of the pupil, and discoloration of the iris.
[Multilingual]No:952 - irreversible
incapable of being reversed.
[Multilingual]No:953 - irrigation
(L. irrigatio, in into + rigare to carry water) washing by a stream of water or other fluid.
[Multilingual]No:954 - irritation
(L. irritatio) a state of overexcitation and undue sensitivity.
[Multilingual]No:955 - ischemia
(Gr. ischein to suppress + haima blood + -ia) deficiency of blood in a part, due to functional constriction or actual obstruction of a blood vessel.
[Multilingual]No:956 - isolate
to separate from other persons, materials, or objects.
[Multilingual]No:957 - isotonic
(iso- + Gr. tonos tone) a biological term denoting a solution in which body cells can be bathed without a net flow of water across the semipermeable cell membrane. Also, denoting a solution having the same tonicity as some other solution with which it is compared, such as physiologic salt solution and the blood serum.
[Multilingual]No:958 - jejunum
(L. 'empty') (NA) that portion of the small intestine which extends from the duodenum to the ileum; called also intestinum jejunum.
[Multilingual]No:959 - juvenile
pertaining to youth or childhood; young or immature.

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