English dictionary of medical terms (47)

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[Multilingual]No:920 - interference
(inter- + L. ferire to strike) opposition or hampering of an action or procedure.
[Multilingual]No:921 - interindividual
occurring between two or more individuals.
[Multilingual]No:922 - intermediary
(inter- + L. medius middle) 1. performed or occurring in a median stage; neither early nor late; intermediate. 2. an intermediate stage.
[Multilingual]No:923 - intermittent
(L. intermittens; inter between + mittere to send) occurring at separated intervals; having periods of cessation of activity.
[Multilingual]No:924 - internal
(L. internus) situated or occurring within or on the inside; many anatomical structures formerly called internal are now correctly termed medial.
[Multilingual]No:925 - interpretation
in psychotherapy, the therapist's explanation of the latent or hidden meanings of what the patient says, does, or experiences, in terms which are understandable to him.
[Multilingual]No:926 - interstitial
(L. interstitialis; inter between + sistere to set) pertaining to or situated between parts or in the interspaces of a tissue.
[Multilingual]No:927 - intertrigo
(inter- + L. terere to rub) a superficial dermatitis occurring on apposed skin surfaces, such as the axillae, creases of the neck, intergluteal fold, groin, between the toes, and beneath pendulous breasts, with obesity being a predisposing factor, caused by moisture, friction, warmth, and sweat retention, and characterized by erythema, maceration, burning, itching, and sometimes erosions, fissures, and exudations and secondary infections. Called also eczema intertrigo.
[Multilingual]No:928 - interval
(inter- + vallum rampart) the space between two objects or parts; the lapse of time between two recurrences or paroxysms.
[Multilingual]No:929 - intervention
the act or fact of interfering so as to modify.
[Multilingual]No:930 - intervertebral
(inter- + vertebra) situated between two contiguous vertebrae.
[Multilingual]No:931 - intestinal
(L. intestinalis) pertaining to the intestine.
[Multilingual]No:932 - intolerance
(L. in not + tolerare to bear) inability to withstand; sensitivity, as to a drug.
[Multilingual]No:933 - intoxication
(L. in intensive + Gr. toxikon poison) poisoning, the state of being poisoned.
[Multilingual]No:934 - intraindividual
being or occurring within the individual.
[Multilingual]No:935 - intramuscular
(intra- + L. musculus muscle) within the substance of a muscle.
[Multilingual]No:936 - intraocular
within the eye.
[Multilingual]No:937 - intrathecal
within a sheath.
[Multilingual]No:938 - intravascular
(intra- + L. vasculum vessel) within a vessel or vessels.
[Multilingual]No:939 - intravenous
within a vein or veins.

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