English dictionary of medical terms (46)

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[Multilingual]No:900 - inoperable
not suitable to be operated upon.
[Multilingual]No:901 - inorganic
(in- not + organic) pertaining to substances not of organic origin.
[Multilingual]No:902 - inotropic
(ino- + Gr. trepein to turn or influence) affecting the force or energy of muscular contractions.
[Multilingual]No:903 - insertion
(L. inserere to join to) 1. the place of attachment, as of a muscle to the bone which it moves. 2. in genetics, a rare nonreciprocal translocation (q.v.) involving three breaks in which a segment is removed from one chromosome and then inserted into a broken region of a nonhomologous chromosome.
[Multilingual]No:904 - in situ
in the natural or normal place; confined to the site of origin without invasion of neighbouring tissues.
[Multilingual]No:905 - insomnia
(L. in not + somnus sleep + -ia) inability to sleep; abnormal wakefulness.
[Multilingual]No:906 - inspiration
(L. inspirare, from in in + spirare to breathe) the act of drawing air into the lungs.
[Multilingual]No:907 - instability
the quality or state of being unstable.
[Multilingual]No:908 - instillation
(L. instillatio, from in into + stillare to drop).
[Multilingual]No:909 - instruction
the act of furnishing with authoritative directions.
[Multilingual]No:910 - insufficiency
(L. insufficientia, from in not + sufficiens sufficient) the condition of being insufficient or inadequate to the performance of the allotted duty.
[Multilingual]No:911 - insult
(L. insultus attack) injury or trauma; attack.
[Multilingual]No:912 - intact
of a living body or its parts : physically and functionally complete : having no relevant component removed or destroyed.
[Multilingual]No:913 - integrity
1. quality of being honest and morally upright; 2. condition of being whole or undivided (a nation's integrity, the integrity of the patient).
[Multilingual]No:914 - integumentary
pertaining to or composed of skin.
[Multilingual]No:915 - intelligence
(L. intelligere to understand) the ability to comprehend or understand.
[Multilingual]No:916 - intensity
(L. intensus intense; in on + tendere to stretch) the condition or quality of being intense; a high degree of tension, activity, or energy.
[Multilingual]No:917 - intention tremor
a tremor which arises or which is intensified when a voluntary, coordinated movement is attempted.
[Multilingual]No:918 - interaction
the quality, state, or process of (two or more things) acting on each other.
[Multilingual]No:919 - intercostal
(inter- ++ L. costa rib) situated between the ribs.

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