English dictionary of medical terms (28)

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[Multilingual]No:540 - dysphagia
(dys- + Gr. phagein to eat) difficulty in swallowing.
[Multilingual]No:541 - dysphoria
(Gr. 'excessive pain, anguish, agitation') disquiet; restlessness; malaise.
[Multilingual]No:542 - dysplasia
(dys- + Gr. plassein to form) abnormality of development; in pathology, alteration in size, shape, and organization of adult cells.
[Multilingual]No:543 - dyspnoea
(Gr. dyspnoia difficulty of breathing) difficult or laboured breathing.
[Multilingual]No:544 - dystonia
(dys- + Gr. tonos) disordered tonicity of muscle.
[Multilingual]No:545 - dystrophy
(L. dystrophia, from dys- + Gr. trephein to nourish) any disorder arising from defective or faulty nutrition, especially the muscular dystrophies.
[Multilingual]No:546 - dysuria
(dys- + Gr. ouron urine + -ia) painful or difficult urination.
[Multilingual]No:547 - ecchymosis
(Gr. ekchymosis) a small haemorrhagic spot, larger than a petechia, in the skin or mucous membrane forming a nonelevated, rounded or irregular, blue or purplish patch.
[Multilingual]No:548 - echography
ultrasonography; the use of ultrasound as a diagnostic aid. Ultrasound waves are directed at the tissues, and a record is made, as on an oscilloscope, of the waves reflected back through the tissues, which indicate interfaces of different acoustic densities and thus differentiate between solid and cystic structures.
[Multilingual]No:549 - eclampsia
(Gr. eklampein to shine forth) convulsions and coma occurring in a pregnant or puerperal woman, associated with preeclampsia, i.e., with hypertension, edema, and/or proteinuria.
[Multilingual]No:550 - ectopic
pertaining to or characterized by ectopia.
[Multilingual]No:551 - eczema
(Gr. ekzein to boil out) a pruritic papulovesicular dermatitis occurring as a reaction to many endogenous and exogenous agents, characterized in the acute stage by erythema, edema associated with a serous exudate between the cells of the epidermis (spongiosis) and an inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis, oozing and vesiculation, and crusting and scaling; and in the more chronic stages by lichenification or thickening or both, signs of excoriations, and hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation or both. Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of dermatitis. Called also eczematous dermatitis.
[Multilingual]No:552 - effect
the result produced by an action.
[Multilingual]No:553 - effective
producing the intended result.
[Multilingual]No:554 - efficient
serving as or characteristic of an immediate agent in the production of an event; causally productive.
[Multilingual]No:555 - effusion
(L. effusio a pouring out) the escape of fluid into a part or tissue, as an exudation or a transudation.
[Multilingual]No:556 - ejaculation
(L. ejaculation) a sudden act of expulsion, as of the semen.
[Multilingual]No:557 - ejection fraction
a measure of ventricular contractility, equal to normally 65 8 per cent; lower values indicate ventricular dysfunction.
[Multilingual]No:558 - elastic
(L. elasticus) susceptible of resisting and recovering from stretching, compression or distortion applied by a force.
[Multilingual]No:559 - elective
subject to the choice or decision of the patient or physician; applied to procedures that are advantageous to the patient but not urgent.

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