English dictionary of medical terms (13)

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[Multilingual]No:240 - biochemical
relating to biochemistry; characterized by, produced by, or involving chemical reactions in living organisms.
[Multilingual]No:241 - biodegradation
the series of processes by which living systems render chemicals less noxious to the environment.
[Multilingual]No:242 - bioequivalent
having the same strength and similar bioavailability in the same dosage form as another specimen of a given drug substance.
[Multilingual]No:243 - biologic, biological
pertaining to biology.
[Multilingual]No:244 - biopsy
(bio- + Gr. opsis vision) the removal and examination, usually microscopic, of tissue from the living body, performed to establish precise diagnosis.
[Multilingual]No:245 - biosynthesis
the building up of a chemical compound in the physiologic processes of a living organism.
[Multilingual]No:246 - biotransformation
the series of chemical alterations of a compound (e.g., a drug) which occur within the body, as by enzymatic activity.
[Multilingual]No:247 - biphasic
having two phases; having both a sporophytic and a gametophytic phase in the life cycle.
[Multilingual]No:248 - blepharitis
(blephar- + itis) inflammation of the eyelids.
[Multilingual]No:249 - blister pack
a package consisting of a clear plastic overlay affixed to a cardboard backing for protecting and displaying a product.
[Multilingual]No:250 - block
an obstruction or stoppage.
[Multilingual]No:251 - bolus injection
the injection of a drug (or drugs) in a high quantity (called a bolus) at once, the opposite of gradual administration (as in intravenous infusion).
[Multilingual]No:252 - borborygmus
a rumbling noise caused by the propulsion of gas through the intestines.
[Multilingual]No:253 - bradycardia
(brady- + Gr. kardia heart) slowness of the heart beat, as evidenced by slowing of the pulse rate to less than 60.
[Multilingual]No:254 - bradykinesia
(brady- + Gr. kinsis movement) abnormal slowness of movement; sluggishness of physical and mental responses.
[Multilingual]No:255 - bradypnea
(brady- + Gr. pnoia breath) abnormal slowness of breathing.
[Multilingual]No:256 - broad-spectrum
effective against a wide range of microorganisms; said of an antibiotic.
[Multilingual]No:257 - bronchial
(L. bronchialis) pertaining to one or more bronchi.
[Multilingual]No:258 - bronchiectasis
(bronchus + Gr. ektasis dilatation) chronic dilatation of the bronchi marked by fetid breath and paroxysmal coughing, with the expectoration of mucopurulent matter. It may effect the tube uniformly (cylindric b.), or occur in irregular pockets (sacculated b.) or the dilated tubes may have terminal bulbous enlargements (fusiform b.).
[Multilingual]No:259 - bronchitis
(bronchus + -itis) inflammation of one or more bronchi.

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