English dictionary of medical terms (10)

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[Multilingual]No:180 - arrhythmogenic
(a neg. + Gr. rhythmos rhythm + gennan to produce) producing or promoting arrhythmia.
[Multilingual]No:181 - arterial
pertaining to an artery or to the arteries.
[Multilingual]No:182 - arteriography
(artery + Gr. graphein to write) roentgenography of arteries after injection of radiopacque material into the blood stream.
[Multilingual]No:183 - arteriolar
pertaining to or resembling arterioles.
[Multilingual]No:184 - arteriolosclerosis
sclerosis and thickening of the walls of the smaller arteries (arterioles). Hyaline arteriolosclerosis, in which there is homogeneous pink hyaline thickening of the arteriolar walls, is associated with benign nephrosclerosis. Hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis, in which there is a concentric thickening with progressive narrowing of the lumina may be associated with malignant hypertension, nephrosclerosis, and scleroderma.
[Multilingual]No:185 - arteriovenous
both arterial and venous; pertaining to or affecting an artery and a vein.
[Multilingual]No:186 - arthralgia
(arthr- + -algia) pain in a joint.
[Multilingual]No:187 - arthritis
(Gr. arthron joint + -itis) rheumatism in which the inflammatory lesions are confined to the joints.
[Multilingual]No:188 - arthropathy
(arthro + Gr. pathos disease) any joint disease.
[Multilingual]No:189 - arthrosis
(arthro- + -osis) a disease of a joint.
[Multilingual]No:190 - articular
(L. articularis) of or pertaining to a joint.
[Multilingual]No:191 - artificial
(L. ars art + facere to make) made by art; not natural or pathological.
[Multilingual]No:192 - ascites
(L; Gr. askits from askos bag) effusion and accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity; called also abdominal or peritoneal dropsy, hydroperitonia, and hydrops abdominis.
[Multilingual]No:193 - asepsis
(a neg. + Gr. spesthai to decay) 1. freedom from infection. 2. the prevention of contact with microorganisms.
[Multilingual]No:194 - aseptic
(a neg. + Gr. spsis decay) free from infection or septic material; sterile.
[Multilingual]No:195 - aspiration
(L. ad to + spirare to breathe) the act of inhaling.
[Multilingual]No:196 - assay
determination of the amount of a particular constituent of a mixture, or of the biological or pharmacological potency of a drug.
[Multilingual]No:197 - assist
to give support or aid; to be present as a spectator.
[Multilingual]No:198 - association
(L. associatio, from ad to + socius a fellow) 1. in neurology, correlation involving a high degree of modifiability and also consciousness. 2. in genetics the occurrence together of two or more phenotypic characteristics more often than would be expected by change. To be distinguished from linkage (q.v.). 3. in dysmorphology, the nonrandom occurrence in two or more individuals of multiple anomalies not known to be a polytopic field defect, sequence, or syndrome.
[Multilingual]No:199 - asthenia
(Gr. asthens without strength + -ia) lack or loss of strength and energy, weakness.

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