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About me

I am a Psychology Professor investigating the (implicit) mental processes underlying behaviour and behaviour change.

I am a member of the Learning and Implicit Processes (LIP) lab at Ghent University, Belgium.

I am a founding member of Behaviour Insights Belgium.

I am an ambassador of the Center for Open Science.

I am a father of two wonderful children.

Awards: a.o.: 2020 Rising Star Award Association for Psychological Science; 2020 Early Career Award Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences.

Keywords: researcher, idealist, environmentalist, critical mind, family man.


Research interests

In my research I try to unravel the mental processes underlying human behaviour. I focus on the investigation of implicit belief-based processes that determine automatic behavior such as habits, automatic evaluation, pathological, and health behaviour.

Given the importance of behaviour and mental processes in all life domains, I strive for the large-scale application of scientific behavioural research to promote adaptive behaviour for societal benefit.

Real-life behaviour change domains of particular interest: addiction, happiness, prejudice, depression, climate change, and mental health.

Keywords: Behaviour change, metatheory, implicit cognition, automatic beliefs and inferences.