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Pieter Pauwels

Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ghent University
J. Plateaustraat 22, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

My work and interests are in information system support for the building life-cycle (architectural design, construction, building operation). I work as a full-time researcher on topics affiliated to design thinking, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Linked Building Data, Linked Data in Architecture and Construction.

architecture and facility management
automation in construction
BIM modelling
built heritage modelling
database applications
design thinking
information management for construction
linked (building) data
semantic web technologies
software development for construction

ifcOWL (IFC4_ADD1): .OWL - .TTL - .HTML

ifcOWL (IFC4): .OWL - .TTL - .HTML

ifcOWL (IFC2X3_TC1): .OWL - .TTL - .HTML

ifcOWL (IFC2X3_Final): .OWL - .TTL - .HTML


SimModel: .ttl - .owl - .rdf - .html

ifcOWL (22 May 2015): html

Activities and projects

Biographies of Buildings at NIAS KNAW Wassenaar

NIAS Project website

Project Workshop June 2015

4D Research Lab Amsterdam

IFC-to-RDF convertor

source code:

online IFC-to-RDF convertor:

ifcOWL ontology (IFC4_ADD1)

ifcOWL ontology (IFC4)

ifcOWL ontology (IFC2X3_TC1)

ifcOWL ontology (IFC2X3_Final)

SimModel-to-RDF convertor


Reasoning with EYE in architecture and construction

Acoustics rule checking: EN12354 and NBN-S01-400-1:2008

Geometric inferences: IFC to X3D to STL

IFC model perspectives


DCC2014 (PDF): Additional data

NordDesign2014 (PDF): Additional data

TIATAB database (BBRI)

web application development:


Beyond BIM, Ghent, BE, 2015 (website)

LDAC2015 - J. Beetz, TU/e, Eindhoven, NL, 2015 (website - report)

1st Summer School on Smart Cities and Linked Open Data (LD4SC-15), Cercedilla, ES, 2015 (website)

LDAC2014 - S. Törmä, Aalto University, Helsinki, FI, 2014 (website - report)

Building Knowledge workshop, i-KNOW2014, Graz, AT, 2014 (website)

LDAC2012 - P. Pauwels, i-Minds (IBBT), Ghent, BE, 2012 (website - report)

Open Systems & Methods for Built Environment Modelling workshop, eCAADe2012, Prague, CZ, 2012

Working groups

BuildingSMART Linked Data Working Group

W3C Linked Building Data Community Group

W3C LBD Homepage

W3C LBD Wiki

IFMA working group FM & Architecture

FM & Architecture

BIM working group ADEB-VBA


Launch event BIM Handbook - 20 October 2015



Selected publications

Special Issues

Other publications

SlideShare: and

2008-2012: PhD in Civil Engineering: Architecture

PhD Thesis - summary: PDF

PhD Thesis - full: PDF (14MB)

2003-2008: Master in Civil Engineering: Architecture


2014-today: postdoctoral researcher Ghent University (Department A&S)

Department website:

Research group website:

2012-2014: postdoctoral researcher University of Amsterdam (ILLC)

Last update: 2 October 2015