I was born in Antwerp (a long time ago) and I now live in Ghent, Belgium with my wife Chantal. We have two adult children, Steven and Karen, who moved out quite a while ago.

Formal education

  • Master in Engineering (Burgerlijk ingenieur), Ghent University, 1980
  • Middle Management Program (Vlerick School, Ghent, 1990)
  • Advanced Management Program (Vlerick School, Ghent, 2000)
  • Bachelor in Physics and Astronomy, Ghent University, 2011
  • Doctor of Science: Astronomy, Ghent University, 2016

Career in publishing

1980-1992: DISC and Barco Graphics (now merged into Esko)

Started as software developer and after four years joined the management team of this fast growing and highly successful high-tech company (prepress systems for labels and packaging). Served as Vice President of Operations (manufacturing and international customer service) and as General Manager for the US subsidiary.

1993-2003: Enfocus (now part of Esko)

Founded the company and served as its CEO for 10 years. Formulated and executed the company’s mission to provide powerful desktop tools for portable document formats used in graphics arts (the PitStop product line). Took the company through several rounds of financing and a successful exit through acquisition.

2004-2009: Gradual (now merged into Enfocus, part of Esko)

Founded the company and served as its CEO until it was acquired. Formulated and executed the company’s mission to provide automation tools for the professional publishing industry with a novel approach (the Switch product line). Served as Senior Vice President for Enfocus at Esko after Gradual was merged into Enfocus.

You've been a great partner to work with and have been instrumental in helping make Adobe PDF a standard in publishing.

Sarah Rosenbaum, Director of Product Marketing, Acrobat, Adobe Systems

If it weren't for the innovative spirit you are expressing, our industry would surely progress much more slowly.

Michael Rodriguez, Technical Director, RR Donnelley

We could not have achieved our goals without you. I will miss your grand visions, your talents, your individualism and most of all, your passions!

Kin Wah Lam, Director of Digital Development, Time Inc.

Career in astronomy

2012-2016: Astronomical Observatory, Ghent University

Doctoral student working on radiative transfer simulations of galaxies that contain dust. See the research page for more information.

2016-2022: Astronomical Observatory, Ghent University

Doctor-assistant in the astronomy research group, continuing my work started as doctoral student. See the research page for more information.


2023-...: Astronomical Observatory, Ghent University

Helping out as a volunteer from time to time.

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