AIM documentation

  • List of courses and web sites using AIM
  • Try typical examples of AIM questions. More examples ...
  • Student's comments and reactions about AIM.
  • Paper: Using Maple and the Web to grade mathematics tests [PS format  - 300K or PDF format - 3.5megs], published in IWALT2000 conference.
  • Detailed description of question format (for teacher).
  • Help for students that are using AIM.
  • About the Alice Project
  • New! AIM email discussion list for teachers using AIM.
  • Installation instructions for the old version "aim-plain1" (Maple 5 and 6, Windows 95, 98 and NT, Unix/Linux) :
  • Installation instructions for the new version "aim-plain 2.12" (Maple 7 and 8, Windows 98 and NT, Unix/Linux):

  • AIM is a web-based system designed to administer graded tests with mathematical content.
    Its main features are:

    Some potential benefits of using AIM:

    AIM is available free of charge.

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