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  • Family name: Valcke
  • First name: Martin
  • Nationality: Belgian
  • Date of Birth: 06 December 1957
  • Current Position: Head Department of Educational Studies; Professor Instructional Sciences
  • Work address:  Ghent University, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Educational Studies, H. Dunantlaan 2, B9000 Ghent, Belgium
  • Phone office: +32 9 264 8675, Fax office: +32 9 264 8688, Website office:, Email

  Short description of  professional career

Dr. Martin Valcke is full professor in the field of ‘Instructional Sciences’ at the Ghent University, Belgium and head of the Department of Educational Studies in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. Building on his PhD-work in the field of educational information sciences, his actual field of research focuses mainly on the innovation of Higher Education and the integrated use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In addition, he is promoter of studies in the field of performance indicators, teacher education, ICT in primary schools, learning styles and learning approaches.

He has been and is being involved in a large number of national and international research and consultancy projects in countries of Africa (Uganda, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe), Middle America (Ecuador, Peru), and Asia (Cambodia, China, Vietnam). Next, he is regularly involved in activities and projects of the World Bank, the European Commission (Flexible Universities, Multi-Media programme, TEMPUS, Socrates, IST, FP7, …), and other international organisations. He has published a wide variety of international journals and international books. He is editor/reviewer for the Australian journal Distance Education, Computers in Human Behaviour, the Online Medical Journal, and involved in a number of other journals (Computers & Education, Learning & Instruction, Review of educational Research, Contemporary Educational Psychology, Teaching and Teacher Education, ...).

Formerly, he has been working at the Dutch Open University, focusing on the design of ODL-information systems: systems to design, develop and exploit flexible electronic learning materials to be delivered just-in-time, on-demand, via the Internet, cd-rom or by printing-on-demand.

Since April 2006 (till March 2011), he is visiting professor at the Beijing Normal University, Faculty of Education.
Since June 2005, he is a Distinguished Fellow of the University of Western Australia (Perth).

 Current activities

 Currently, he coordinates implementation projects to introduce ICT-based open and distance learning strategies in the face-to-face setting of traditional Higher Education institutes; next to primary and secondary education.

Typical projects:

 World Bank study on evaluating digital distance learning programs and activities; alfa-programme (Ecuador-Colombia-Venezuela) about the evaluation of distance education ( ).International studies:

: Cambodia (ICT in teacher education and Distance Education), China (Impact of culture in e-learning environments; teacher beliefs and the use of ICT in education, mathematics performance in primary schools, reading comprehension multicultural education in rural areas), Ecuador (Teacher Education and ICT in primary schools to foster new ways of teaching and learning; Design and development of en interactive learning environment to foster the acquisition of skills in the field of bio-statistics), Zimbabwe (e-learning in Informatics), Mozambique (capacity building project Universidad Eduardo Mondlane), Peru (Distance learning) Uganda (e-learning and Teacher-Education), Vietnam (Distance education and e-Learning).Studies in developing countries

: Coordination of the ICT teacher training in primary and secondary education for the East-Flemish region (25.000 staff members). Needs analysis in the field of ICT in service training of primary school teachers.National studies

He coordinates about 20 PhD studies related to teaching, learning or e-learning in a variety of knowledge domains: medical education, pharmaceutical sciences, business sciences, informatics, teacher training and instructional sciences.PhD-studies: 

Next to ICT, major topics of his research are related learning styles, alternative assessment and evaluation procedures, work-based training and performance indicator studies.  As to the latter, he e.g., coordinated the Flemish part of the worldwide TIMSS (mathematics and sciences), and the ongoing PISA studies (performance indicators in sciences, mathematics and literacies 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012), and PIAAC (adult literacy 2010).

Next to his teaching and research activities at the Ghent University, he was an active member of the WTR (the Scientific Technical Council) of SURF (Dutch higher education and research partnership organisation for network services and information and communications technology WWW.SURF.NL ).

In the international context, he is involved in large scale national projects (e.g., audit programs, conferences, workshops), and international collaboration activities (e.g. JISC, ALT-C). A recent international activity was the elaboration of a comparative study of Australian Higher Education in a collaborative effort between 8 UK-researchers and 7 Dutch researchers: Keeping up with our neighbours (

  Personal PhD

May 1990, Ghent University, Highest Distinction

Title: EFFECTEN VAN HET WERKEN MET LOGO-MICROWERELDEN - Kwantitatief en kwalitatief onderzoek naar het verweven van planningsvaardigheden en wiskundige basisvaardigheden en inzichten bij leerlingen van het derde tot en met het zesde leerjaar van de lagere school
[Effects of working with Logo-microworlds: quantitative and qualitative study of the acquisition of planning skills and mathematical knowledge by 3rd to 6th graders in primary school]

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