Welcome to the EON lab at the University of Gent

We are broadly interested in the evolution, optics, development and biomimicry of natural nanostructures, particularly those that produce coloration without pigments and those with antimicrobial properties.

EON News:

* Jonathan Goldenberg was awarded King Leopold III funds to support his work on thermal effects of coloration on South African lizards

* New papers on super-iridescent peacock spider color, hybrid speciation in manakins and a colorful dinosaur have been accepted and should be out soon!

* The first official field season of the FWO-funded project “Thermal effects of coloration” in South Africa is over and went well. Svana and Jonathan worked really hard and are now ready to spend the winter preparing for the next season.

*A MURI project on melanin characterization and biomimicry with collaborators from UC San Diego, U. Akron and U. Delaware (all in USA) was recommended for funding!