I teach several courses at bachelor and master level to Physics and Astronomy students and Mathematics students at UGent. I also teach to students of the Master of Space Studies, organized jointly by UGent and KUL.

Extragalactic Astronomy

Lecturers: Maarten Baes and Wouter Dobbels

Course of study: 2nd year Bachelor of Physics and Astronomy

Topics: historical overview, morphology and classification, stellar populations, interstellar matter, stellar kinematics, dark matter, active galactic nuclei, galaxies in a cosmological context

Course specifications: C002994

Astrophysical Simulations

Lecturers: Maarten Baes and Peter Camps

Course of study: 1st year Master of Physics and Astronomy, Master of Mathematics

Topics: the art of scientific programming, gravitational N-body problem, astrophysical hydrodynamics, radiative transfer

Course specifications: C002329

Observational Techniques in Astronomy

Lecturers: Sébastien Viaene, Francesco d’Eugenio and Maarten Baes

Course of study: Master of Physics and Astronomy

Topics: observatories and telescopes, CCD detectors, photometry, spectroscopy, astrometry, introduction to radio astronomy, interferometry, working with archival data

Course specifications: C003131

Radiative Transfer Simulations in Astrophysics

Lecturers: Peter Camps and Maarten Baes

Course of study: Master of Physics and Astronomy

Topics: interstellar dust, radiative transfer equation, Monte Carlo simulations, spatial grids, sampling techniques, optimization, parallelization, other radiative transfer techniques

Course specifications: C003939

Astrophysics from Space

Lecturers: Maarten Baes and Christoffel Waelkens

Course of study: Master of Space Studies

Topics: Introduction to space astrophysics, optical astronomy from space, infrared astronomy, high-energy astronomy, radio astronomy from space

Course specifications: C002851

Mathematical Structures and Functions

Lecturers: Maarten Baes and Jasson Vindas

Course of study: 1st year Bachelor of Physics and Astronomy

Topics: numbers, univariate functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, integration and applications, Taylor-series, Fourier-analysis, introduction to ordinary differential equations

Course specifications: C004203