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Description: Description: MPA.jpg             Ghent University

Faculty of Economics and Business, Dept. of Marketing

Tweekerkenstraat 2,

9000 Gent, Belgium

Tel: +32 (0)9 264 35 20

Fax: +32 (0)9 264 42 79

Email: Mario.Pandelaere(at)ugent.be



                M.Sc. Applied Economics (Catholic University Leuven, 1992)

                M.A. Psychology (Catholic University Leuven, 1996)

                M.Sc. Statistics (Catholic University Leuven, 1998)

                PhD. Psychology (Catholic University Leuven, 2003)


                1996-1997: Research Assistant, Dept. of Social and Personality Psychology (Ghent University)

1997-2003: Research Assistant, Dept. of Social Psychology (Catholic University Leuven)

                2003-2005: Post-doctoral Researcher, Dept. of Marketing (Catholic University Leuven)

                2005-2008: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication Sciences (Catholic University Leuven)

                2008-present: Research Professor, Dept. of Marketing (Ghent University)

Research interests:                                                        

                Materialism and subjective well-being

                Consumer Decision making

                Order effects in judgments


Ongoing research


Academic service