Prof. Dr. Guy Vingerhoets   |   Professor of Neuropsychology

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Current team members

Dr. Helena Verhelst
Structural and functional connectome

Dr. Robin Gerrits
Brain asymmetry

Ruth Vanderlooven
Obsetric plexus brachialis injury

Former team members

Dr. Catharine Vander Linden
Cognitive rehabilitation in children with TBI

Dr. Roma Siugzdaite
Neuroimaging methods

Dr. Dimitrios Kourtis
Motor cognition and joint action

Dr. Kristine Oostra
Motor imagery in gait recovery

Dr. Nathalie Vaes
Unilateral neglect

Dr. Julie Debrabant
Developmental coordination disorder

Dr. Maarten Plessers
Carotid artery disease

Dr. Iemke Sarrechia
Congenital heart disease

Jehanne Van Boxstael
Narrative comprehension

Katrien Vanommeslaeghe

Dr. Gudrun Nys
Unilateral neglect and Parkinson's disease

Dr. Nathalie Stroobant
Cardiovascular disease

Dr. Marijke Miatton
Congenital heart disease

Dr. Frederick De Vogelaere
Mild cognitive impairment

Dr. Nele Warlop
Multiple sclerosis

Dr. Ruth Seurinck
Mental rotation

Celine Berckmoes

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