Below, you will find an overview of my publications. For many of these, and in particular the book chapters and journal papers, you can download preprints in pdf format. Please be aware that these preprints are provided here only for courtesy. They may differ in small details from the actually published versions. If, by any chance, you intend to refer to some of my papers, please make sure you get the papers in their published form.

You can choose between basic lists of edited books, journal papers, conference papers and technical reports, all of which are in the usual bibliography format.

For the more recent publications, there are DOI links that will allow you to locate them on the internet. A number of them also have links to the corresponding entries in the ArXiv preprint server.

For the less recent papers, there is also an alphabetically ordered annotated list of publications, with abstracts and links to pdf files for preprints. You can always get to the entries in this annotated list by clicking on the appropriate links in the basic lists.

And finally, there is a list with errata: so far the list is small and contains only glitches, small oversights that can be corrected easily.

I am doing my best to keep this site more or less up to date. If some of the links in this publications section are not working properly, I'd be more than grateful if you'd let me know.

Ghent University Library also has an alternatively organised list of my publications.

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