Research Overlook

As part of my research, I have had the exciting privilege to conduct fire experiments to study how flames spread on engineered wood panels in a corner wall configuration. Moreover, my research has involved fire modelling and software validation, aiming to allow better predictions and assessment of the corner fire behavior in compartment fires.

My experimental and theoretical research has involved collaboration with Warringtonfire_ and FM Global_ and embraces the following:

  • Fire experiments in different configurations and scales at WFRGent
  • Pyrolysis modeling of solid combustibles and gas phase CFD modelling mainly with FireFOAM®_
  • Further advancement of an enthalpy-based pyrolysis model_ previously developed at the department
  • Sensitivity and parametric studies (effects from turbulence modeling, boundary conditions, material properties, and similar)


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What is IMFSE?

IMFSE_ is an international fire safety engineering master's program that is taught in English.

It is commonly organized by

An enthalpy-based pyrolysis model

A model has been developed at the department by Wasan et al_ which is applicable for charring and non-charring materials. The model can be coupled with CFD software for flame spread simulations.

The main characteristics of the model:

  • pseudo 2D (2D conduction + 1D pyrolysis)
  • infinitely fast pyrolysis
  • moisture content accounted for