David Fernández-Duque
Ghent University

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About me

My research is in mathematical logic, with a focus on the interplay between logic and dynamical systems. Here I am taking "dynamical systems" in a broad sense which includes topological and discrete dynamics, as well as dynamics of knowledge and information. My current interests include the design of computationally tame frameworks for reasoning about topological dynamics, the use of transfinite methods in fixed point theory, and applications of computational logic to law.

I am a researcher at the Department of Mathematics WE16 of Ghent University and the Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences. I hold a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from ITAM and a PhD from Stanford University. My doctoral advisor was Grigori Mints. In 2008, I was awarded the Gödel Centenary Research Prize.


Address Department of Mathematics WE16
Building S8
Krijgslaan 281
B 9000 Ghent
E-mail David.FernandezDuque "at" UGent.be