Mathematics in Chemical
Kinetics and Engineering

2003 Annual Seminar

Welcome to the 2003 annual seminar on Mathematics in Chemical Kinetics and Engineering, to be held at Ghent University, Belgium on April 25th, 2003!

The Laboratory for Petrochemical Technology (LPT) and the Research Group for Numerical functional analysis and Mathematical Modelling (NfaM2) of Ghent University are pleased to invite you to attend the annual seminar on "Mathematics in Chemical Kinetics and Engineering" which will be held on April 25th, 2003 in Ghent, Belgium.

After the successful international Mackie-2002 conference held last year at Ghent University, the local organizers have now invited two world-class experts from the fields of mathematics and chemical engineering, Prof. Gerhart Eigenberger (Stuttgart Univ.) and Prof. Vladimir Gol'dshtein (Ben-Gurion Univ.) to give seminar talks during a one-day mini-symposium.

Participation to the seminar is free, but registration is requested AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Lunch is available at the venue (15 euro).


Organizing Committee



The annual seminar on Mathematics in Chemical Kinetics and Engineering will be held in the Pand, a renovated ancient building owned by Ghent University, and situated in the heart of Ghent's historical centre (address: Onderbergen 1).

Tourist Attractions in Ghent

Belgium possesses a wealth of highly distinctive architectural, cultural and gastronomic traditions.

Ghent, founded in the 10th century AD, has today a population of over 200 thousand. The official language is Dutch; knowledge of English is very widespread.

Major touristic attractions include the Gothic Cathedral and other medieval churches, the Van Eyck Altarpiece depicting the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, the City Museum of Contemporary Art (SMAK), and numerous shops selling Flemish specialities such as local beers, lace and many other renowned products of authentic handicraft.


April is early Spring in Ghent, with average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. Some rain is to be expected.

You can register by sending e-mail to Please also state if you want lunch at the venue (cost: 15 euro).

For the latest information, consult the annual seminar's Web site at

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