HTML Tree Parser for Alpino beta

De gevolgen zullen nog lang gevoeld worden.

Provide your own XML

How to use

To investigate the tree and see the properties of each leaf, click on a leaf. Properties are sorted alphabetically to easily find what you need.

One of the big advantages of this tool is that you can analyse any given XML file, be it for the Alpino parser or not. You can provide your own code, either by using the textarea and clicking on the submit button, or by using the file uploader. The latter option will only be available if you have a modern browser that allows the use of the new HTML5 File API. "Uploaded" XML files are not stored on the server.

To do

  • Allow keyboard control in fullscreen mode (cross-OS!)
  • Improve script structure and performance
  • Add comments to the script and (S)CSS. Make everything accessible for beginners
  • Add repo on GitHub, 'cause we all open source
  • Fix random jumps in tooltip in fullscreen mode
  • Add fullscreen option
  • Add examples
  • Add information
  • Add input field. HTML5 File API?
  • Improve text editor with syntax highlighting
  • Improve interface