Ever since EURO (The Association of European Operational Research Societies) has existed it has provided an organisational framework for EURO Working Groups. The corner-stone for both EURO itself and its working groups was laid in the first EURO Conference in 1975, and the WG on Fuzzy Sets (together with three other groups) was set up at the same time.

During the First IFSA Congress (July 1-6, 1985, Palma de Mallorca), with due permission of the EURO Council, the working group constituted itself as the European Chapter of IFSA.

SINCE 1998

After some years of little activity of this EWG, especially in comparison with other EWG's, Bernard De Baets and János Fodor were approached by EURO officials asking them to take over the coordination of this EWG. Thus, the EURO Working Group on Fuzzy Sets has revived, under the name


At the same time, as IFSA is no longer composed of chapters, EUROFUSE no longer represents the European Chapter of it.

In 1998, the EUSFLAT society was created and now represents Europe in the IFSA council. Since 1999, the creation of Working Groups within EUSFLAT is encouraged and EUROFUSE acts as the Working Group on Operations Research.



  1. First Joint IFSA-EC and EURO-WG Workshop on Fuzzy Sets
  2. Second Joint IFSA-EC and EURO-WG Workshop on Fuzzy Sets
  3. Third Joint IFSA-EC and EURO-WGFS Workshop on Fuzzy Sets
  4. Fourth Meeting: Joint EUROFUSE-SIC '99 International Conference
  5. Fifth Meeting: EUROFUSE Workshop on Scheduling and Planning