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Services to other research institutes and industry are provided in the following domains:

  • Experimental testing

    • static tests in tension/compression/bending/shear
    • interlaminar shear tests
    • fatigue tests in tension/compression/bending/shear
    • dynamic tests (transversal impact, drop weight, high strain-rate)
    • bird strike tests
    • composite characterization (volumic mass, fibre volume content,...)
    • ultrasonic inspection

  • Numerical simulations

    • finite element simulations with ABAQUS

Bird strike tests on aircraft engine blades

Characterization of carbon-epoxy rings for use in the Maeslant storm surge barrier (Rijkswaterstaat, Solico)

Finite element simulation of carbon/epoxy wind turbine blades (IPA, CNC Composites)

Inspection of sudden failure of a carbon/epoxy mast