Volkher B. Scholz

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ghent University


Krijgslaan 281
9000 Gent, Belgium

Research interests

My research area is quantum information science, an interdisciplinary field at the interface of physics, mathematics and computer science. I focus on establishing links between theoretical physics, mathematics --- especially functional analysis and infinite dimensional algebra --- and theoretical computer science in order to gain new insights into the nature of quantum mechanical systems. Apart from scientific curiosity, one of my prime motivations is to propose new techniques for information processing.

My multidisciplinary contributions range from areas within theoretical physics such as quantum field theories or transport properties of lattice systems to topics within theoretical computer science such as quantum cryptography or non-commutative optimization as well as to mathematical questions related to the theory of operator algebras and operator spaces.

In my current research, I focus on improving our understanding of quantum systems with infinitely many degrees of freedom. Examples of such systems are quantum field theories or more generally quantum systems which are described by infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces, like photonic systems. This is on the one hand motivated by their potential use for information processing such as quantum information transmission over optical channels. On the other hand, I expect that concepts from quantum information science will lead to new physical and mathematical insights into such systems, with potential implications ranging from new quantum error correcting codes to the fundamental theory of constituents of matter.

See my research statement or the list of my publications for further information, or follow me on arXiv or Google Scholar.