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July 2013

PC member at CHR 2013, July 13, Berlin, Germany.

August 2013

PC member and paper at CICLOPS 2013, August 23, Istanbul, Turkey.
PC member and paper at ICLP 2013, August 24-29, Istanbul, Turkey.

September 2013

Invited talk at Kiel Declarative Programming Days, September 11-13, Kiel, Germany.
Program chair at PPDP 2013, September 16-18, Madrid, Spain.
Paper at Haskell 2013, September 23-24, Boston, USA.
Paper at ICFP 2013, September 25-27, Boston, USA.
Paper at WGP 2013, September 28, Boston, USA.

April 2014

PC member at ESOP 2014: 23rd European Symposium on Programming, Grenoble, France, April 7-11, 2014.