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I currently have a postdoctoral position available.

There is a wide range of funding opportunities for Ph.D. and postdoc positions at KU Leuven. Contact me if you are interested in applying to do research in programming languages under my supervision.

Looking for a research partner on a topic of mutual interest? Do contact me!

I am open for consulting offers and many other forms of collaboration with industrial partners.

Examples of past and present collaborations are:

  • applying for and executing European research projects;
  • consulting on my Constraint Handling Rules system for German and New Zealand companies;
  • acting as an expert for INNOVIRIS (the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation) and NWO (the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research);
  • starting up a research project with AIS/PSImetals Belgium on Constraint Programming techniques for steel plant scheduling;
  • organizing the Commercial Users of Logic Programming workshop;
  • communicating industrial internship opportunities to students.