English dictionary of medical terms (15)

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[Multilingual]No:280 - capillary
(L. capillaris hair-like) any one of the minute vessels that connect the arterioles and venules, forming a network in nearly all parts of the body. Their walls act as semipermeable membranes for the interchange of various substances, including fluids, between the blood and tissue fluid; called also vas capillare (NA).
[Multilingual]No:281 - carbohydrate
an aldehyde or ketone derivative of a polyhydric alcohol, particularly of the pentahydric and hexahydric alcohols. They are so named because the hydrogen and oxygen are usually in the proportion to form water, (CH2O)n. The most important carbohydrates are the starches, sugars, celluloses, and gums. They are classified into mono-, di-, tri-, poly- and heterosaccharides.
[Multilingual]No:282 - carcinogenic
producing carcinoma.
[Multilingual]No:283 - carcinoma
(Gr. karkinoma from karkinos crab, cancer) a malignant new growth made up of epithelial cells tending to infiltrate the surrounding tissues and give rise to metastases.
[Multilingual]No:284 - cardiac
(L. cardiacus from Gr. kardiakos) pertaining to the heart.
[Multilingual]No:285 - cardiogenic
(cardio + Gr. gennan to produce) originating in the heart; caused by abnormal function of the heart.
[Multilingual]No:286 - cardiological
relating to the study of the heart.
[Multilingual]No:287 - cardiomegaly
(cardio- + Gr. megas large) cardiac hypertrophy.
[Multilingual]No:288 - cardiomyopathy
(cardio- + Gr. mys muscle + pathos disease) a general diagnostic term designating primary myocardial disease, often of obscure or unknown etiology.
[Multilingual]No:289 - cardiopathy
(cardio- + Gr. pathos disease) any disorder or disease of the heart. In addition to heart disease of inflammatory origin, there are arteriosclerotic cardiopathy, due to arteriosclerosis; fatty cardiopathy, due to growth of fatty tissue; hypertensive cardiopathy, due to high blood pressure; nephropathic cardiopathy, due to kidney disease, thyrotoxic cardiopathy, due to thyroid intoxication; toxic cardiopathy, due to the effect of some toxin; and valvular cardiopathy, due to faulty valve action.
[Multilingual]No:290 - cardiopulmonary
pertaining to the heart and lungs.
[Multilingual]No:291 - cardiorespiratory
relating to the heart and lungs and their function.
[Multilingual]No:292 - cardioselective
having greater activity on heart tissue than on other tissue.
[Multilingual]No:293 - cardiotonic
1. having a tonic effect on the heart. 2. an agent that has a tonic effect on the heart.
[Multilingual]No:294 - cardiotoxic
having a poisonous or deleterious effect upon the heart.
[Multilingual]No:295 - cardiovascular
pertaining to the heart and blood vessels.
[Multilingual]No:296 - caries
(L. 'rottenness') 1. the molecular decay or death of a bone, in which it becomes softened, discoloured, and porous. It produces a chronic inflammation of the periosteum and surrounding tissues, and forms a cold abscess filled with a cheesy, fetid, puslike liquid, which generally burrows through the soft parts until it opens externally by a sinus or fistula. 2. dental c.
[Multilingual]No:297 - castration
(L. castratio) removal of the gonads, or their destruction as by radiation or parasites.
[Multilingual]No:298 - catabolism
(Gr. katabol a throwing down) any destructive metabolic process by which organisms convert substances into excreted compounds.
[Multilingual]No:299 - catalyse
to speed up a chemical reaction.

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