The Weber (1970) and Van Orden (1987) Algorithm for determining spelling similarity

Note: Your browser needs to be Java-enabled.

Type in two words in the textboxes on the leftside of window. The box on the right will provide you with the measure of Graphic Similarity, as described in Van Orden (1987, p. 196)

This measure is based on:

Then the Graphic Similarity = 10([(50F + 30V + 10C)/A] + 5T + 27B + 18E)

Note: Van Orden (1987) calculates Orthographic Similarity, by determining the ratio between GS of word one with itself and GS of word 1 and word 2.

Note: Use this at your own risk! I don't guarentee this program is free of bugs

Note:  Marc Brysbaert, Sarah Haywood, and Wouter Duyck pointed out a user interface problem with this applet! When you change the value of word 1 you must type <Enter>, otherwise the comparison will be done with the default word (meet).

To determine spelling similarity, type in a word followed by <ENTER> in each text box