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The Fromanteels Clock Makers


The Fromanteels were a most important and influential family of clockmakers

Fromanteel AmsterdamMy research has braught up new data about the Fromanteel family of clock makers, but I will keep that scoop for the upcoming book. For the time being I will give the well known facts:

  1. Ahasuerus Fromanteel is credited with being the first clockmaker to make pendulum clocks in England in collaboration with Huygens. He was free of the Clockmakers' Company in 1663 with which he is said to have had a tempestuous relationship (quite some court cases). Whilst Ahasuerus Fromanteel was literally the father of three clockmakers himself (John, Abraham and David), his influence has been so pervasive he is widely regarded along with Thomas Tompion and George Graham as one of the ‘fathers of English clockmaking’. Ahasuerus Fromanteel died in 1693 aged 85.
  2. John Fromanteel, son of Ahasuerus spent a part of his apprenticeship in The Hague with Salomon Coster. John Fromanteel became a Freeman of the Clockmakers Company in 1663. He worked in England until around 1680 whereupon he moved with his brother, Ahasuerus II (see below), to Amsterdam to continue the family clockmaking business.
  3. Ahasuerus Fromanteel II, another famous clock and watchmaker, made a number of important clocks. Most famously he is reported to have produced a clock in 1693 for the Queen of Denmark.

Ahasuerus Jr. died in Amsterdam in 1703. Abraham and his son-in-law Christopher Clarke began in 1694 under the name of Fromanteel & Clarke. No clockmaker bearing the name Fromanteel worked in the Netherlands after 1703, although the business continued under their name.

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